Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Adds 40 new armors in total. Compatible with 1.0.x version With RBM option

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New Armors, works with 1.0.3, 40 armors total

I am a 3D artist in the video game industry and I wanted to create a plate armor mod for Bannerlord. This mod contains armor designs from my
cancelled project. Please note that these armors may not be entirely Lore-friendly and I do not claim them to be historically accurate.

Mod contains

  • 3 Full plate armor variations
  • 1 Heraldic tabard armor
  • 3 Plate Close Helmet variations
  • 6 Closed Sallets
  • 6 Large Pauldrons
  • 3 Open Sallets
  • 1 Great Helmet
  • 5 Aserai Helmets
  • 3 Plate Gauntlet variations
  • 3 Plate Greaves variations
  • 2 Gorgets
  • 2 Capes

Armors are suitable with most of native models.
I'm planning to add more armors  to this pack in the future
If you have any suggestions or bugs let me know. I might be able fix it.


Armor will only spawn in Vlandia. Its an expensive armor so it will be rare.Rarer and better than best native armor. If you just enabled my mod for an ongoing campaign you need to wait a little for traders to have it. If you dont want to wait enable cheats in documents and give it to yourself. Or you can edit the items.xml in the module file to reduce the price.


should be save game compatible.


Ask me if you want to use or modify this for your mods.

My Own Troops | Create Your Own Units V1.0.0 & V1.0.1 to create ypur own troops with plate armor :
old RBM patch @CHASE :

Special Thanks to 

for helping the with making the mod.
Roberto Rigatoni for his Sallet model design.
Dest and Radeyn for all the testing.