Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Will make your companions automatically upgrade their equipment when leaving inventory screen.

Permissions and credits
This is my first mod. I wrote it in a day but had a lot of fun. I'd been dying to have this. It doesn't yet have any customization abilities, I'm mainly publishing because I personally find it worth using already. If not for you though, check back in a week. I expect to have most of the less desirable upgrades fixed at that point. 

What the mod does:
  • Companions will upgrade their gear when closing inventory.
  • Companions will only upgrade slots with gear already in them.
  • Companions will only upgrade to an item with the same weapon type.
  • For weapons uses total armor to determine best item.
  • For everything else uses value of weapon. 
  • Companions will not take from each other. But will take what others give up. 
  • Will not equip weapons beyond skill requirements. 
  • Will not put on items that require dismounting horse if you're a horseman. Unless you already had a dismounted item in the slot. 
  • Gives a message when a companion upgrades equipment.
  • Lock individual items from updating.
  • Lock companion from updating.

What the mod doesn't do yet (Roughly a priority order of what I want to add):
  • Priority order for Companions picking.
  • Give ability to customize. Feel free to comment on the options you'd like to have.


Is it save game compatible?
This doesn't do anything to saves. Just a behavior change. Feel free to add and remove it as desired. 

Will this work with mods that add other weapons?
I've tested with a few item mods, none appear to have any affect. However while my code should accept most it's possible weird valued and new weapon types would require a way to ensure compatibility. None of the most popular seem to have an issue however.  

Is this compatible with X mod? 
Generally this should be compatible with any mod. I have not tested it on mods that add different weapon types however so issues could arise there. 
Additionally there has been a complaint that at large companion counts (like >100) this mod starts to hit crashes. This is not really achievable in the base game, so mods that allow more companion hiring have a minor incompatibility if you hire a ton of companions. 

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