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Realms Forgotten is a working in progress mod overhaul that brings the World of Aeurth at the brink of dramatic events. Aeurth is a unique blend of culture styles and fantasy concepts and brings a campaign setting at the brink of dramatic events. Discord at the bottom of the page

Permissions and credits
What is known from Aeurth reflects the story of its inhabitants. Exquisite cultures being brought together to escape an encroaching storm: many eras had already passed, leaving behind nothing but ashes. From the desolated deserts of Athas to the snowy peaks where ancient dreadfull lords awake from their slumber, Realms Forgotten searches to confront cultures and scenarios as diverse as possible, to propose a more dinamic cultural and battle confontation.The Mod covered a lot of ground already but much is still to be done. What you will find here so far

A complete culture troop tree overhaul, with more than 95 % custom made armors.
A custom map of Aeurth, bigger than Caraldia.
Custom Caracter creation menu with races.
New Mounts as Red Deer, Skeleton Horse, Zombie Horse, War Wolf, etc.
A new recruit option after achieving you kingdom and being owner of a castle: the legendary troops
Magical Items that boost skills and moral: look for the special items merchant in the taverns.
custom spawns: giant trolls and demons roam the land.
and much more!

Current Factions

The Realms of Men - Survival of the first cataclism, the first men arrived after hundreds of years in exodus.┇Focus: infantry

The City states of Athas - slave warriors, desert tribesmen, decayed gladiators.┇Focus - heavy infantry

The Elvean - The first inhabitants, guardians of the First tree, inhabitants of the forests.┇Focus -Archers

The Dreadrealms - The Undead lived under the ice since immemorial times. know they are awake.┇Focus - undead infantry, monsters.

The Nasoria - survivors of many wars, a mixed of cultures coming from the east.┇Focus - cavalry

The All Khuur - People of the Steepe, joined together to defend their land.┇Focus - Horse Archer

The Xilantlacay: The first to live on this land, inspired in the Aztec culture┇Focus - Skirmishers

Speaking about recruitment, we have a new system. Players and AI, when recruiting from a foreign culture, will have to spend influence points to recruit troops. In times of war, recruitment between warring sides is not possible. With that, we hope that mercenaries will become a much more needed force. But when a new setlement from anopther culture is taken, the influence penalty is not aplied. Like that you can recruit this culture troops normally.At the character creation, a new culture bonus has been added. Each faction will have a special quality. You can read about them on culture selction screen

Realms Forgotten is a solo project, but it is never the result of one single person. I want to thank the whole mod community and the suport i receive at the Mount and Blade Modding Channel. Without their help, their time and comitment to the mod philosophy, i would have give up a long time ago. Special thanks to Anian, Cephas, Saiistaken, KIA, Chase K, Carolina Warlord, Foozle Macdoozle, NPC 99, Order of Power, Hunharibo, Ranoufl, Bartotzko, Meatbeater, Heragoga, Scorilo, Alexander Drakos, Lemmy, Clayton Bigsby, Ramsay, Ragnar Hrodgarson, Major Roy, King Kilo, Hayster Modelling, King of the North and all the incredible modders out there.

Thank you Tale World for sharing that amazing game and modding tools.

Some items goes to credit:

Cephas and actualanian with their magic code. Without them it would not be so cool!

Ramsay and his amazing assets.

Dark Knight by Nick Scott is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

Medieval mace, shield and helmet. by sheffrator is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

Binh viet by Vu.Quang is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

And there are many artists who contributed but the list is too big to name them all here.

The Mod projects itself in a development era that resemble the 800 bc to 1170 bc of our time, but do not restrain to it or only medieval concepts. It is a fantasy mod, and uses it´s poetical license to interfere with certain accuracies. Aestetic coerence is very important, that cultures in diferent stages of development do not look like simple patches of diferent Eras mixed together, but that coexist in the same time and space. This mod wants to be a story told by a collective of people, to achieve an unexpected end.

The story of our mod is already translated for the following languages:

Thanks to "GaJlaXy", "Arika" and "Kanyos" for helping in the translates.

Realms Forgotten - Mod Version compablity - 1.2.9


I decided to split the mod in diferent two diferent folders, if anyone choose only play with the map.




1. RF_ Map
2. Rf_Races
3. RealmsForgotten
4. RF_ core II
5. RF_Core_III
6_Extended Armoury

Installation tutorial: