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About this mod

Adds unique troops to clan leader parties. Version 0.1.0 is an early version, thus only adds unique troops to the rulers of the main kingdoms.

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  • Mandarin
What is this mod?

Household Troops aims to add unique and lore-friendly troops to every clan leaders party. Version 0.1.0 contains unique troops for rulers of the main kingdoms.

How does this mod work?

Every day, an amount between 2 and 4 troops are added to the clan leaders party to a maximum of 30 units. Then, clan leaders are compensated for these troops wages (clan leaders do not have to pay wages for their unique troops).

List of troops:

W. Empire: 
  • Comnos: Imperial Veteran Legionary
N. Empire: 
  • Osticos: Imperial Royal Guard
S. Empire: 
  • Pethros: Imperial Sentinel
  • Gundaroving: Sturgian Hersir
  • Banu Hulyan: Aserai Mameluke Guard
  • fen Gruffendoc: Battanian Chieftain's Bodyguard
  • dey Meroc: Vlandian Baronet
  • Urkhunait: Khuzait Veteran Khan's Guard

Planned features:

  • Add unique troops to most of the clans
  • Add unique troops to minor faction clans (The plan is to add more unconventional units to minor factions, for example, Hidden Hand could have repeating crossbow unit)
  • Balancing