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Improve your workshop experience by making managing them easier and more engaging. Fully customizable. Save compatible.

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  • Ukrainian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • German
This is a mod that aims making workshop management easier and more engaging. Inspired by Workshop Manager but this is not an update. Instead a different take on workshop management.

Feedback and feature requests are welcome!

No promises your request will be implemented.


Workshop Upgrades
Upgrade your workshops in different ways to benefit from your situation in the best way and increase your profit.

Rent a warehouse in any town that both you and your workshops can use. Your workshops can store input materials and products in this warehouse. You can also use warehouses to store your items instead of carrying them around.

Workshop Production Control
Take full control of when one of your workshops is working, when it should buy material from town or selling products to town easily through town menu.

Workshop & Caravan Cooperation
Don't like the idea of selling your products to Town it is located, where it is cheap due to supply? Get rid of the middle man. Let your caravans buy workshop products straight from your warehouses.

Workforce Adjustment
Want to do more with your workshops instead of buying and forgetting? Change the size of workforce. Higher workforce will bring faster production but beware, they will also bring higher wages with decreasing efficiency.

(Optional) Prevent Losing Workshop Due To War
Don't want to lose your hard earned workshop because of petty wars between factions? Enable this feature in the settings and your workshop will stop working until the end of war instead of being seized.

(Optional) Global Workshop Customizations
Do you feel base game isn't balanced well? With this mod you can adjust:
  • Price of the workshops.
  • Starting workshop count.
  • Workshop count per clan tier.
  • Production speed.
  • Wages of your workshops.
  • Trade experience gained from daily workshop profits.

Almost every feature in this mod is fully customizable to your own tastes in settings.

Save Compatible
Install at any state of game with no issues. You can also uninstall at any state without issues but remember that items in your warehouses will be deleted. Take those on you first.

Check my other mod: LevellingCustomizer

  1. Make sure you have correct version installed for your game version.
  2. Having BetterExceptionWindow installed is highly recommended. Please report using it.

How to translate:
  1. Copy TR folder under `Modules\WorkshopsAdvanced\ModuleData\Languages`.
  2. Rename folder to appropriate one for the language you want to translate to.
  3. Edit files only under this folder. You can check `std_module_strings_xml.xml` under `Modules\WorkshopsAdvanced\ModuleData\Languages` to see English text.
  4. Share the mod keeping only those files and the file structure.