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Simple Bank functionality.

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Simple bank simulation mod.

The goal of this mode is for me to learn how to do mods in Bannerlord by adding at the same time some value t ocommunity, not to make money on it. Thats why I publish now even source code for this mode. Anyone is free to use this code, as long its origin is stated, and develope own mode.

If I get 2k unique dowloads I will implement new features (Work in progress):
  • Give away owned fields to lords of same faction
  1. Castle + 50 in relation
  2. Town +75 in relation
  • Manage fields by puting or taking out coins from it: Done

On 3k unique downloads I will implement:
  • insurance system for owned fiefs.
  • insurance system for caravans.

In order to remove mod: Run version, save game as new save. Run again game without mod and use latest save.

  • Account
  1. Put money with interest
  2. Borrow money with rent
  • Transaction
  1. Send money to Lord
  2. Meet lord
  • Caravans
  1. Change leader
  2. Change destination
  3. Change troops
  4. Change items
  5. Give / take money from caravan
  6. Check distanse to target city
  7. See last visited town
  8. Change home settlement
  9. Buy free passage for certain amount of days
  • Fiefs
  1. See and change gold (not for villages)
  2. Visit (not for villages)
  3. See if there are avaible recruits
  4. Give away fiefs to other clans

Patch works with 1.5.8 BETA
  • Compability check with 1.5.8 Beta (as for 2020-02-23, this will be validated on daily core  updates)
  • Fixed 2 bugs (removal of mode and going above int.Max value on bank account)
  • Give away fiefs to other clans
  • Make home fief (seams core code from Taleworlds doesnt do what it should. Im leaving it as is. Maybe taleworlds will fix it in comming releases)
Patch works with 1.5.8 BETA
  • Compability check with 1.5.8 Beta (as for 2020-02-06, this will be validated on daily core  updates)
  • New tab for fiefs (Administrate gold, see if there are recruits, insta visit towns and castles [ coudn't make it work for villages yet])

Patch works with 1.5.7 
  • Compability check with 1.5.7 Beta (as for 2020-01-21, this will be validated on daily core  updates)
  • Buy free passage for caravans 

Patch works with 1.5.6
  • Compability check with 1.5.6
  • New features for caravan tab.

Patch works with 1.5.7 
  • Compability check with 1.5.7 Beta
  • New features for caravan tab: See and change home settlement, see last visited location, better distance calculation (based on path)

Patch Beta
  • Compability check with 1.5.6
  • Added Caravan tab (beta). I hope for some feedback on what is missing and how it should work.

Patch Beta
  • Compability check with 1.5.4 
  • Added Polish translation
  • Fixed bug with crash after speaking to besieged character
  • Added Gold level (Access to all lords in game, not just met one)

Patch Works only with 1.5.2 . 
  • Inproved language handling. No need to copy files anymore. Just choose spanish in "options" in game.
  • Looking for translation help to other demanded languages

Patch Works only with 1.4.3

Patch Works only with 1.4.3 
  • Added google translate to spanish (copy content of "..\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\Birke\ModuleData\module_strings_Es "to "module_strings")

Patch Works only with 1.4.3 
  • Fix errors for 1.4.3 meeting system

Patch 1.2.8 & 1.2.9 Works only with 1.4.3 
  • Fix errors for 1.4.3

Patch 1.2.7
  • Meeting with lord.
  • Disable meeting with inprisoned lords.

Patch 1.2.6
  • Graphic fix for changing tabs.
  • Fix for changing relation bug.
  • Compability fixes with newest core versions.

Patch 1.2.5
  • Bug fix.
  • New graphic
  • Customer level
  • Possibility to make fast translations by changing strings in module_strings

Patch 1.2.4
  • Bug fix.

Patch 1.2.3
  • Bug fix for getting negative amount after 2 bilions.
  • Interest is lower to 0.001 per day by default.

Patch 1.2.2
  • Bug fix for sharing bank saldo when starting new campaign after loading a file with game account (illegal wealth transfer)
  • Interest is added now to saldo instead to purse (can be changed in config dfile PutInterestIntoAccount)

Patch 1.2.1
  • Bug fix

Patch 1.2.0
  • New layout (old can be accessed by setting UseNewLayout flag to "false" in config file.

  • Bug fixes

  • Bug fix

Patch 1.1.4
  • Added documentation to module files (all .cs files \Documentation).
  • Balance weakest nation 
  • Changed encyclopedia for balancing.
  • Popups disabled as default.
  • Bank future change displayed as tooltip of current money icon (predicted changes tooltip)
  • Remove pdb debug file.
  • Crash fix for sending coins to lord with 0 amount.

Patch 1.1.3
  • Changed game menu
  • Added encyclopedia entry for bank

Patch 1.1.2
  • Fix for always disabled market

Patch 1.1.1
  • Removed assembly fiels
  • Added configuration.xml (main folder of my mode)
  • Daily popups can be disabled by config