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This mod scales Unarmed Combat damage with Strength and Athletics

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Unarmed Combat
This mod simply increases the damage that Unarmed Combat does during battles.

There are 3 Presets to choose from, each one adding to the damage that your fists do, also customizable.

Formulas for Unarmed Damage:
Easy: (Strength * 9) + (Athletics * 0.3)
Medium: (Strength * 6) + (Athletics * 0.3)
Hard: (Strength * 3) + (Athletics * 0.3)

At 300 Athletics and 10 Strength:
Easy: 180
Medium: 150
Hard: 120
These values are the MAX possible damage, when attacking your attack damage is randomized in a range.
Easy: 108-198
Medium: 90-165
Hard: 72-132

Range Calculation:
Minimum: (Base Damage * 0.6)
Maximum: (Base Damage * 1.1)

These damage values are flat, and so is the damage reduction from armor for fist/kick damage.

Armor Reduction for Fists/Kick Damage:
Each point of armor reduces damage by 1.5x its value.
50 armor --> 75 damage reduction.

All settings modifiable in MCM.

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