Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Parties slow down after running away from you (or someone else) for some time.

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Inspired by "Slow Looters" mod, I decided to go a bit further and attempt to fix the problem in general, not just with looters/bandits.

We've all been annoyed by endlessly trying to chase down looters or bandits. But even more annoying is when you gather a large army and go to war against another faction, just to watch 5-10 parties of that faction running circles around you and not actually engaging. This mod aims to solve that problem, and more.

Any AI party that is running away from someone else (doesn't have to be main player) is gradually slowing down as the time passes. The RP justification for that is that the running party gets exhausted and demoralized as they are running away from someone for hours or even days.
This affects all parties in the game: Looters, Bandits, Villagers, Caravans and Noble parties\armies.
This means that friendly parties in your clan can finally patrol an area effectively and actually catch bandits that are terrorizing your villagers in the area.
This also makes large bandit parties more effective at catching caravans and villagers.

If the opposing party is so fast that it returns to its normal behavior - the slowing effect is removed and you have to start over. This is intentional.

The current slowing down effect is gradual, but even that may be a bit overpowered, so I'm looking for your feedback to maybe tweak the numbers a little.

Save compatibility:
This mod can be added to an existing save or removed from one without any consequences.

Mod Compatibility:
There should be no compatibility issues starting with version 1.4.0. (for sure this time)