Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Allows respec main hero and\or companions at towns.

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Allows you to respec the main character and / or companions in the back streets of the city (tavern menu) with the help of a large amount of strong(or not) alcohol (lore friendly!).

Mod will respec:
  • Attribute points
  • Focus points
  • Reset focus perks.

It keeps unchanged skills levels\exp.
You can install/uninstall "mid-game".

You can break attribute default sorting order with this mod. AFAIK you must respec then leave some atts at zero points, apply changes. Vanilla game have no way to make atts with zero points. So devs dint`t test game for that "bug". If sorting order is important for you then dont leave atts at zero points.

There is an exploit in this mod - you can farm infinite attribute points while respeccing.
Just pick a focus with a bonus attribute (at smithy, athletics, etc. tree), and then repsec. You'll get a free attribute points. So drink with caution! (or not)

You can avoid that exploit by reseting perks at arema master before reseting attribs with mod.

For game pass version:
kbaccinelli :
"For those of you playing on Game Pass, I had to change the directory file name to "Gaming.Desktop.x64_Shipping_Client" for my game to recognize the folder.
Go to XboxGames > Mount and Blade II- Bannerlord > Content > Modules > RespecV4 > Bin and in there is file likely named "Win64_Shipping_Client" and this is what needs to be changed to "Gaming.Desktop.x64_Shipping_Client". Hope this helps!"

Mod tested with «Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord» Steam version:
1.0.6+ version -

1.0.5 version - v.

Also you can watch video for respec example.