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Adds a new troop tree based on the Eastern Roman Empire into the game ONLY for players. Replaces the Imperial Recruits from Imperial Settlements with Tiro (Recruit) while the AI cannot recruit this type of unit.

Requires ATC - Adonnay's Troop Changer latest version 1.3.4

Permissions and credits
WARNING: This mod is designed with realistic difficulty in mind, in order to be able to enjoy the mod to its fullest you must play the normal difficulty! Don't play on very easy as this might be boring.

WARNING #2: With the new update, use ATC version 1.3.4 and follow my instructions very carefully.

Also this mod replaces the Imperial recruits you can normally recruit from Imperial settlements with my units, but don't you worry about it.

Due to a comment I have to point this out; As with any mods that introduce troop trees with custom unit ids, BACKUP YOUR SAVE.

  • Thanks to Adonnay for his fabulous troop tree template, without him I wouldn't dare to even try modding Bannerlord or learning how to code .XML files efficiently. Go check out his ATC - Adonnay's Troop Changer mod page for more information on how to create your own troop tree + item list!
  • Also credit to Creative Assembly and Total War Attila for reference to their unit models.
  • Thanks to @Bullero for his advice and knowledge on Roman history.

  •  Adds a new troop tree based on the Eastern Roman Empire / Late Roman Empire (4th Century) into the game ONLY for players. Replaces the Imperial Recruits from Imperial Settlements with Tiro (Meaning recruit) while the AI cannot recruit this type of unit; Although they can spawn some like (4-10) when they create a new party.

  • Also adds new items that are based on historical roman armors and weapons, like "Lorica Hamata" or "Contus". The armor/weapons you see in the pictures are not vanilla items but custom items that I have implemented, their stats will be very different and you can sometimes find these items in the town trading menu.

  • There are many troop lines with functions similar to their historical counterparts (4th Century Roman Army).

  • The troop tree is split into two halves with the left part being focused primarily on melee units while the right part focuses on ranged units. Historically, Rome's heavy infantry formed the backbone of their army while heavy cavalry was gradually seen as something that would equally be as important as the infantry. This is reflected in the troop tree with a strong infantry line, they take more punishment than other faction's troops but will eventually die quickly if overwhelmed. 

  1. Requires ATC - Adonnay's Troop Changer to function properly so subscribe to it on the NexusMods and install the latest version MANUALLY. 
  2. For this mod, manual installation by dropping it into your Mount & Blade II Bannerlord > Modules is acceptable; just enable the mod (Eastern Roman Troops) in the Game Launcher along with ATC - Adonnay's Troop Changer.
  3. Download ATC.modconfig.XML, drop it into AdonnaysTroopChanger/Config.
  4. Dont modscan ingame, if you have it enabled already, disable it and restart the game.
  5. Load a save and boom the troops should spawn in Imperial settlements (Even if you create a new game, you still have to save that game and load it again in order for troops to spawn).
  6. Please comment ASAP if you have any issues!

  1. Thanks for trying out my mod! I'm just a amateur in the modding scene, so if there are any bugs please let me know! Took me like ages to fix crashes so the mod should be perfect on launch.
  2. Highly recommend controlling the units manually to make full use of their quirks and gear, just pressing F3 will get more of your troops killed than usual if fighting a proper army.
  3. For balancing things, the unit stat-lines are made as intended. For example, tier 7 cavalry should feel devastating in the battlefield because it is a timely investment you make to level up a unit to that point. Unless you just auto-resolve looter stacks with small amount of troops.