Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Adds a granary menu to the keeps of all clan towns and castles. You can donate (add) grain for starving garrisons / towns to avoid the negative food & prosperity loop.

Permissions and credits
This is an updated version of Donate Food To Towns And Castles which hasn't been updated since March 2021. Unfortunately, this mod is super necessary if you are planning on defending any of your settlements by having a Garrison larger than a dozen men. In Vanilla, you can get into a negative feedback loop of not having enough food due to low prosperity, and not having enough prosperity due to not having enough food. This fixes that by allowing you to donate Grain to your towns / castles, which allows you to offset the feedback loop (for some time).

[Save Game Safe]:
You can add and remove this mod at any time. It does not save any data to the save file. It can be added to an existing game.

This mod does not use harmony or any other mods. It adds an extension module to the game that runs silently in the background. It is unlikely to conflict with other mods.

[Supported Game Versions]:
- 1.7.1 branch
- 1.7.2 branch

[Original Mod Author Credits]:
All credits for the original mod go to newpaladinx333 who is the original author. I just updated it to Taleworld's 1.7.1 branch.

This is my first Bannerlord mod, and my first time working in the C# language. The mod is pretty simple at it's core, but I can't guarantee that it's foolproof just yet. I'm a long time modder for other games & program professionally, but if you notice anything weird happening, please do let me know and i'll try to get to it when I have a chance.