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Bannerlord Imperium focuses on improving political management of a kingdom. It adds new government types, policies and events to give more depth to the kingdom politics and make the peace time gameplay more fun.

Government types can modify how the kingdom functions completely.

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I created this mod because I believe Bannerlord lacks gameplay depth in peace times. I work in the games industry as a technical designer and love what this game tries to accomplish therefore I've felt the urge to add some flavor to it.

Bannerlord Imperium at first started as a mod that I created only for myself but after sharing it with some of my friends I was encouraged into sharing it with the community. Bannerlord Imperium started as a mod to bring a Roman Republic like government system into Bannerlord. Even though that was my starting point, at this point the mod focuses on implementing many different politics related mechanics into the game, not just government types.


Republic Government Type
Republics have election system. Ruler of the nation changes each election and election winner is based on the influence.
To provide a healthy change of rulers (referred as Consul in the mod) when a consul gets elected their influence resets to 0.
Republics have governorships, not lordships. When you own a fief in a republic it's considered as that you are not the owner of that fief. It's considered as lords are appointed as a governor by the Republic therefore if a settlement runs out of foods or its security gets too low their governorship gets revoked.
When a fief owner (governor) dies their heir doesn't inherit the fief as if they own the place. A new election happens on who should become the new governor.

Representative Monarchy Government Type
In a representative monarchy the ruler has almost no power. Their role is purely ceremonial and diplomatic.
Ruler of a representative monarchy will always have 0 influence, making sure that they don't have any political power and can't participate in or overrule any political decisions.

War Time Effects
To make wars be more impactful and consequential when a nation enters a war their settlements get certain nerfs from being in a war.
If a ruler of a nation gets imprisoned by the enemy faction in a war, imprisoned nation loses the war with a hefty tribute punishment.

Political Turmoil
If a lord's opinion goes below -10 with the ruler, they will start an independence war against their ruler.
When a lord declares an independence war you will get a popup asking if you want to support the lord financially to further destabilize the nation.
A lord can't start an independence war against a ruler if their government type is Republic or Representative Monarchy as in Republics rulers constantly change and in Representative Monarchies rulers are just ceremonial.

If a nation decides to follow a nationalist policy all the settlements with their own culture will get strong bonuses while all the settlements from other cultures will get strong nerfs.
All lords who aren't from a nationalist kingdom's culture will gradually lose opinion of all the lords of a nationalist kingdom.
All lords who are from a nationalist kingdom's culture will gradually increase opinion of all the lords of a nationalist kingdom.
In Republics, lords who aren't part of the nationalist republic's culture won't be able to participate in the consul elections.

Edicts enables the player and the AI to micro manage their settlements.
Edicts can be a great tool at pushing your own personal agendas further in your own settlements.

Imperium has been modded and tested for the stable version (e1.7.1) of Bannerlord. I'm extremely limited on my free time therefore can't maintain the mod for every single beta version TaleWorlds creates.