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Allows you to keep your Kingdom colors up to date with your banner colors. And set per-kingdom clothing colors independently to banner colors.

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This mod will ensure your created kingdom colors, including your clothing colors and the colors of your vassals, match your banner after you change your banner.

It works well with the custom banner editor I made.

With no configuration this mod will simply ensure your created kingdom's clothing and vassal colors match your current banner:

(The crooked moon banner icon was made by dimasasus on reddit here)

Additionally, you are able to override clothing colors for any kingdom. For example Vlandia with blue and green armour and their original banner colors:

Or my custom brown kingdom with red and black armour:

To do so open KingdomColors.xml in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\KingdomColor.xml. If this file does not exist, run the game with the mod installed and a KingdomColors.xml should be generated when you get to the main menu. This file is read and applied on game load so restarting the game is not required, just reloading.

Change UseUniformOverrides to true, and add or edit an entry like:


Uniform colors may be any HTML color (#ff0000) or a banner color id.

Faction IDs for kingdoms are
  • aserai
  • battania
  • empire - Northern Empire
  • empire_s - Southern Empire
  • empire_w - Western Empire
  • khuzait
  • sturgia
  • vlandia
  • playerland_kingdom - Your custom kingdom

Clans that do not have a kingdom can have their uniform colors overridden as well. You can use the clan name, or refer to this list:, for clan ids.

You may override banner colors for any kingdom by changing UseFactionColorOverrides to true and adding/editing faction colour entries like:


By default the player banner will follow these colors, and will change your banner whenver the game is loaded. To disable this behaviour change PlayerClanBannerFollowsKingdom to false.

These colors must be numeric banner color ids. A list for vanilla is available here:

You can override banners for any default clan by setting UseClanBannerOverrides to true and adding/editing entries like:

<Clan>dey Meroc</Clan>

The first one makes the clan's banner follow kingdom colors and results in a banner like this:

While the second maintains its colors regardless of clan kingdom:

You can also change normal AI led kingdoms to follow your banner colors by setting OnlyPlayerRuledKingdoms to false.

Changes to KingdomColor.xml will take effect on each game load.

If you have developer console enabled, this mod adds a kingdomcolor.set_kingdom_color command. It takes 3 or 5 parameters: the kingdom id, and the ids of the primary and secondary colors and optionally the primary and secondary uniform colors. For example:

kingdomcolor.set_kingdom_color vlandia 123 66

There are also:
  • kingdomcolor.set_clan_banner - sets clan banner
  • kingdomcolor.list_clans - to list clan ids and names
  • kingdomcolor.list_kingdoms - to list kingdom ids and names
  • kingdomcolor.reload_config - reload config without saving/loading
  • kingdomcolor.load_and_save_defaults - loads default faction colours, uniform colours, and banners, this will overwrite your config.

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