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About this mod

Simple mod to increase the workshop cap. Comes in multiple variants.

Permissions and credits
This mod simply increases the total workshop cap, mainly for people who dont want to cheat gold but also not wait / quest for ages to keep up with gold.
There are multiple variants available for download.
Read the installation guide below after checking out the Warning and the FAQ.

The 1.0.0 Release version comes default with MCM.
To config the settings, install the mod as listed below and then go to "Mod Options" -> "WorkShopCap" once the game launched.

FILES for 1.7.0 to 1.8 have been move to the old files.
Beta 1.7.2 mod cant be used with 1.7.0 - 1.7.1, vice versa

  • WorkshopCap [Simple] - Doubles the workshops one can own. (Tier 0 = 2, Tier 1 = 4, Tier 2 = 6, etc)
  • WorkshopCap [Medium] - Tripples the workshops one can own.
  • WorkshopCap [Extended] - 5x the workshops one can own.
  • WorkshopCap [Unlimited] - Cap increased to 1000.
  • WorkShopCap [TradeScaling] - Vanilla clan tier scaling + 1 workshop every 25 Trade Skill
  • WorkShopCap MCM - Customizable version using the Mod Config. Menu. Allows to change the multiplier yourself. Also requires the MCM Module and its requirements.

  • Please backup your saves before using this mod and after patching the game to a new version aswell as when trying to use this mod with any other mod.
  • I am not responsible for any corrupted save file. 
  • Don't use multiple mod variants at the same time.
  • Cant guarantee that its compatible with everything. Another reason why one should backup their saves before using this mod with any other mod.
  • Incase you find any mod that isnt compatible with this, please let me know.

Known "issues".
When using the WorkShop Manager Mod, the mods own UI where you purchase Workshops wont allow to exceed the vanilla cap. You can still purchase
workshops normally by talking to the NPCs however.

  1. What happens when you deactivate the mod, but you are over the cap?
  2. Nothing. U should be able to just load the file, and every workshop stays. If youd want to buy more workshops, youd have to activate the mod again or sell enough workshops to be below cap again.
  3. What happens when you patch the game but the mod isnt updated?
  4. Game will likely crash incase its not compatible anymore. Please backup your save file whenever patching while using mods.
  5. I cant activate the mod?
  6. Check if u renamed the mods folder name. If this isnt the case, try to reinstall the mod. If nothingworked, please contact me via Discord / post here.
  7. Mod doesnt work using Vortex.
  8. Please check the 2nd pinned comment under Posts and try this.
  9. The MCM version doesnt work / crashes upon launching.
  10. Please make sure u also have the MCM module for the correct version and its requirements installed (Download here on Nexus).

  1. Download Harmony (check mods requirements) and move it to the Modules folder.
  2. Download MCM (check mods requirements) and move it to the Modules folder.
  3. Download the mod version which you want to use. (Make sure to download for your game version)
  4. Copy paste this folder into your games module folder. ("Steam/steamapps/common/Mount & Blade II Bannerlord/Modules")
  5. Check the .DLLs inside the /bin/Win64_Shipping_Client folder, right click them and look if an option called "Unblock" pops up.
  6. If yes, click it. If not, ignore this step.
  7. When launching the game, in the launcher go to "Mods" and check the box next to the mod aswell as next to Harmony.
  8. After clicking on play, ull have to confirm that you want to load the mod. Confirm and start the game.
  9. Inside the game go to "Mod Options" -> "WorkShopCap" and change the settings to whatever ud like.

  • Incase there's a patch that will make this mod not work anymore, feel free to contact me via discord. (Diliskar#6828)
  • For anything else, use the posts feature here on nexusmods.