Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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***Currently being rebuilt using 1.4 as base I have not tested for 1.3 compatibility.***
Currently in:
2h Swords/2h Maces/2h Axes/Pikes/Throwing axes/throwing knives + ability to toggle any Throwing axe to melee and retrieve all throwing knives both of which fix the native variants.
Still being readded:<b

Permissions and credits
***Due to massive rewrites of crafting_pieces this mod needs a full rewrite. 1.4alpha is out but currently just re-adds changes to two handed swords/maces and pikes. Currently working on getting throwing weapon options readded. future versions will be compatible with the alpha. ***

*Disclaimer*  If you install this and craft weapons using the parts then uninstall it you will crash when you load that save.

If Upgrading from a version prior to Weapon Part Workshop 1.0 Please delete old module folder when you install Weapon Part workshop. It should not cause any issues but is redundant and will bloat your module folder.

Crafting Part Workshop is an attempt to give you way more control over the weapons you create. None of the part changes will effect default troops or alter what items the game creates by default. So troops wont start suddenly throwing rakes or throwing away their axes. You can decide what you want to make whether it is more detailed 2h weapons, more ornamental pikes, or  you know.... Throwing glaives.

Currently adds the following:

2 Hand Swords: adds 65 parts left off the 2h sword list originally that all fit and function perfect as 2h swords which were severely lacking in high end options.

2 Hand Maces: adds 48 Parts taking you from the original 1 combination to hundreds.(Some mace combos do not line up perfect visually)

Adds some new handle options from the longer shaft options of pole arms as well as full range of guards and pommels.

Throwing axes: adds 39 parts off the one hand axe list letting you make any one hand axe as a throwing axe. Adds appropriate holsters for every variant without effecting the base 1H weapons. Lastly allows all throwing axes crafted or not to be used as one handed weapons. (Just press X to toggle.)

Throwing Knives: adds 80+ dagger parts to the throwing knife crafting list if you could craft it as a dagger before you can craft it as a Throwing knife now! All with working holsters!

Included Native fixes: Fixes inability to toggle throwing axes to melee, Fixes inability to pick up thrown knives, Fixes issue with cleavers still showing on back when equipped.

Javelins: Adds many new heads converted from pike part list (throw rakes if you want) also added some longer shaft options (Longer then base javelins not like pike length) so now you can craft full throwing spears. Also gives full range of guards and pommels. (All with working quivers) This is the last part still being re-implemented should be back in shortly.

Installation: Place folder in you modules folder.

Current issues:  All added javelins use same quiver mesh. (May alter this later to be tier based.)
             If you make super long javelins they will appear shorter in the quiver.