Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Ever wanted your character to have a growing beard? With this mod you can.

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This mod adds a simple beard growing system, in first 3 days after shaving you'll grow a stubble and after that each week your beard grows longer until you have a great big bush hanging from your chin, you can see the beard stages in the images section.

Thank you SlaveToTheGames for covering the mod, like and subscribe to his channel!

How to use:
Install the mod, go to any tavern keeper and tell him that you want to start growing your beard, this will start the mod and your beard will be shaven clean to avoid any conflicts. After this your beard will start growing at first every day for stubble and then every week for longer beard, if you ever want to get a shave you can talk to a tavern keeper again and pay 20 denars for a shave.

If you want to stop using the mod then go to tavern keeper and tell him you want to stop growing your beard, this will stop the growth progress and you can change to any beard you have using the character editor (V on world map by default)

How to install:
1. Download and unzip the mod.
2. Copy GrowBeard into your Modules folder.
3. Start the game and enable it in your launcher.

Known issues:
Right now the beard will only change once you enter the world map.