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Updated for 1.7.2
This mod allows you to adopt (almost) anyone into your family as either your new sibling or new son/daughter.
It also allows you to rename family members.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a dialog option to companions (and lords/notables, pretty much anyone you can talk to) to allow you to adopt them as a sibling or child. It features configuration via MCM to choose options on who you want to be able to adopt.

I made this mod originally because I wanted to be able to marry my companions off to other clans in my faction to help them grow so once they are in your family you can do that.
You can also make them your heir like any other child of yours, or just use it to expand your family or to Roleplay with characters you like.

This is my first mod so sorry if there are any issues. I will try to fix any issues you find ASAP.

The main file works on 1.7.2 but requires Harmony, MCM, UI Extender, and ButterLib

In the old files mod version 2.2.0 works with game versions 1.7.0 and 1.7.1 but requires Harmony, MCM, UI Extender, and ButterLib

It can be added mid-save without any issues.
It should be compatible with most mods. Except:
However, I did notice some issues with adopting married lords if you are using a mod like "Marry Anyone Continue" that overhauls the marriage system. These mods change the marriage system and can cause this mod to not be able to find the spouse of a married lord. The effect is that the spouse of an adopted married lord may not be changed into your clan and may remain with their original clan. I plan on adding compatibility eventually.

It has been reported that it has compatibility issues with "Player Switcher" mod. If you try to adopt the starting hero after switching heroes, it will cause a crash. I will look into adding compatibility for this.

Added Features:
- Adopt companions as a sibling (1.0.0 initial)
- Adopt companions as a child (1.0.0 initial)
- Rename family members (1.1.0 on 03/30/2022)
- Mod Configuration Menu for options (2.0.0 on 4/4/2022)
- Optional ability to adopt other lords and notables (not just companions) (2.0.0 on 4/4/2022)
- Optional configurable requirements to adopt companions (minimum relationship, etc...) (2.0.0 on 4/4/2022)
- Button in encyclopedia to adopt (so you can ad
opt children or anyone without talking to them) (2.1.0 on 4/17/2022)
- Clean up dialog so it isn't on the first dialog screen (3.0.1 on 6/21/2022)
- Use xml file for dialog so that it can be translated (3.0.1 on 6/21/2022)
- Compatibility with 1.7.2 Stable (3.0.1 on 6/21/2022)

Planned Future changes (so far, feel free to suggest others):
- Distinguish between adopted family and natural family
- Extend adoption requirements
- Being able to unadopt (or kick anyone from family) 
- Refactor code to improve design
- Work on improving buttons to be more compatible (not sure if this is possible)
- Add group toggles for various features to turn off parts player doesn't want/need
- Test with 1.8.0 for compatibility and add if needed