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Lets you turn your companions into noble vassals of your kingdom, giving them their own clan and fiefs.

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  • Turkish
It costs you 50,000 denars (which go to his/her coffers) and you must gift them one of your fiefs. Needless to say, you must have your own kingdom and be the ruler of your faction. Once done, the companion will be removed from your clan and will become a noble. Your relations with them will increase for your generosity. This is a good way of delegating your newly conquered territory to vassals that actually like you, and who will keep their own garrisons.

Why does it cost 50,000 denars?

Late game your income gets so high that money becomes meaningless. This gives another objective for your wealth. I might make it configurable on a future version.

How do you do it?

Go near the fief (town or castle) that you wish to bestow to your companion. Then talk to the companion you chose by either using the talk button on the party screen or going inside the fief. When you speak to them, if you meet all the requirements then you'll have the dialog option to make them a vassal.

What are the requirements?

- Have your own kingdom (complete the relevant main quest).
- Own two or more fiefs.
- Have 50,000 or more denars.
- Have the companion on your party (and NOT on his own party).
- The companion must not be your spouse.

How do I choose which fief to give?

The closest of your owned fiefs will be chosen, so go near whichever you wish to give. You can see its name on the dialog option.

Install Instructions

  1. Download the compressed folder. Right click and go to properties to unblock it before extracting.
  2. Extract the folder and place it on the Modules game folder at Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules.