Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Add 6 shield maiden Lords to the Sturgian faction.

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Adds 6 new female lords to the Sturgian faction. Some names you might recognize from "Vikings" and my mods. If you're playing Bannerlord as Ragnar Lothbrok, this mod is for you as King Raganvad now has a new elder daughter called Lagertha. 

Lord Godun has 2 new daughters, Torvi and Helga, and of course there's a Rigmor, the child of a liaison between Godun and Siga.

Lastly, Valkyria and  Pilvi adds to the clans, they're mostly split up and all are ready for RNG marriage. They're not OP either, and sit nicely with a modest set up of traits and skills. Hope you enjoy it, I can't monitor the posts etc, way too busy doing other things, but if you like it, leave an endorsement. You will probably need to start a new game too.

I want to say a thank you to the modders cracking this wonderful game, especially to Dromundas for "Da Boys" and anyone wanting to take a look inside this mod to make your own mods to add new lords, male or female to existing clans for possible marriage later, go for it.

You can absolutely add the woman (or man) of your dreams, change their names, anything you might want to do. The problem with companions is they don't have their own name, they all seem to get a random generated 1st name, by creating your own lords, you get to choose, and marry them (as long as they're not faction or clan leaders)

Bless you all, happy modding xxx