Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

About this mod

Several sets of armors have been updated this time, one of which is Guan Yu's armor in the Three Kingdoms, which is very suitable for use with the Qinglong Yanyue Sword

Permissions and credits
A lot of things have been updated this time, please check the preview for details, and suggestions are welcome.
Hope you have fun and let me know if you have any questions.

The weapon model is on the large side because I like to maximize the height of the character, and these things are customized for myself.

Many thanks to duetereLegende for the mix and match weapon pack blacksmith shop accessories fully unlocked mods if you need them, please:

In the July 30th update, three workshops were added. You need to go to the store clerk to open these three workshops in any town. This will greatly increase the refresh rate of weapons and equipment. In this update, I have increased the prices of all equipment. , to make them look more realistic.

【MOD related】
1. "Mixed Weapon Pack" is an extended MOD for equipment weapons, which contains a lot of Chinese-style equipment.
2. The weapons and armors of major cities will be refreshed. Weapons can also be crafted at the forge. Materials need to be collected.

It is recommended to bring a set of armor to equip otherwise there may be body invisibility and mold wear because I'm lazy. I am sorry.Maybe it will be fixed later

1. First of all, you need to make sure that your game body is any version of e1.8.0~e1.7.0, otherwise the game will crash.
2. After downloading the compressed package, unzip or drag the file to the Modules file.
3. Start the game, check the Mix and match weapon pack on the Mods option page, and click Play.

【Updated on August 7, 2022】
1.Fixed the problem that Qinglong Yanyue Knife 1-5 crashed
2. Added barbarian armor
3. Re-join the Durandal set to simply fix the problem of the gauntlet
4. Optimize the textures of Xuanhua Bumen Armor and Dahan General Armor to increase the metallic feel

【Update log on July 30, 2022】
1. Optimized some models and textures
2. Adjusted the price of weapons, armor and riding gear. The higher the price is, the lower the price is.
3. Three new workshops are added to refresh weapons, equipment and mounts
4. Repair some missing English
5. Adjusted the cloth of all cloaks, now it will not be pulled in places such as the face pinching interface
6. Adjusted the fabric of the Han General's jacket and Xuanhua Bumen armor, the skirt no longer wears the mold, and the horse rides through the legs
7. Added two sets of armor and a mount, deleted Durandall set and female knight set

【Updated on June 17, 2022】
1. Added two sets of armor
2. Adjusted some values
3. Added four shields

【Updated May 3, 2022】
    1. Fixed covering the original lance sprint of the game
     2. Added several sets of armor and weapons
     3. The dragon pride set has been reworked, and some armors have been optimized (all optimizations will be carried out in the future)
     4. Added Qin and Chu style armors and weapons, added two sets of vests, several bows and crossbows

【Updated for 1.7.2 on April 6, 2022】
1. Update 1.7.2 version patch
2. Attribute fine-tuning
3. Increase the chance of all armors to refresh, reduce the price of armors, all cities will be refreshed
4. Attribute adjustment

【Updated on April 4, 2022】
1. Three sets of vests and four sets of armor have been updated this time. Some weapons and shields can be viewed in the image preview.
2. Added some new soldiers, but you can only find them with Editlord
3. Renew Balanced some armor attributes and weapon damage
4. Adjusted Armor Price and Spawn Chance

【Updated on March 3, 2022】
1. Add the English version, repair the wrong string of the forging table
2. Several sets of armors have been updated this time, one of which is Guan Yu's Three Kingdoms armor, which is very suitable for the use of Qinglong Yanyue Sword
3. Lots of new weapons added