Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Now the game no longer pauses whenever you enter settlement. Keep your original timespeed selected. Works with armies.

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Note: Previous Version only disabled AutoPause when alt-tabbing. This was already a feature in 1.7 which has missed many people's attention. New Version includes disabling auto-pause when entering settlements (villages and towns). IF you only want Auto-pause disabled for alt-tabbing JUST ENABLE IT IN GAME OPTIONS.

Note2: This mod will work with your current saves as it doesn't change much. Do backup to be on the safe side.

Ok while that's out of the way, I dunno why people still downloaded my mod even though the game already had the option and even after I told them the option is there xD Anyways I've changed the name. Now the main feature is disabling auto-pause whenever you walk into towns/villages. This is especially handy when you join an army. You don't have to hit "Play" again and again after the army makes it stops at various villages.

You can also kinda "wait here for some time" without clicking it. So that option has become redundant. Previously, the game disabled the time control UI whenever you reached settlements. Inorder for the mod to work I had to enable it. It still pauses automatically however, If you open any other menu after entering settlement like Recruit Troops, Town Management menu etc.

This mod is part of a bigger mod of mine aimed at more QOL fixes. Try downloading that so you can have everything in 1 go. You can still enable/disable different fixes/features.

Just extract the mod folder inside `BannerLord/Modules` folder.