Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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The aim of this mod is to make combat and movement feel realistic and immersive. All the changes are done purely through modifying the native .xml files.

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NOTE - This replaces files in the Native module folder. BACK UP ANY FILES THAT GET OVERWRITTEN FIRST! Best if you make a copy of the entire native module folder.

After backing up the files, extract the zip and drop the contents into your Bannerlord base folder.

Changes to the base game:

Increased friction for arrows. Arrows will now slow down faster over longer distances, giving them a more pronounced parabolic trajectory. They now fly like actual arrows instead of star wars lasers.

Arrows will only stick in humans and horses if they deal at least 15 damage. Purely a visual change.

Increased the angle of fire and range of ranged troops. Ranged troops will now fire up to a 45 degree angle, as long as they have a line of sight to their target. This means archers will fire at targets at very long ranges, though with poor accuracy. Tell them to hold fire if you want to conserve ammo. Archers will fire over friendly troops if they have enough space and can see the enemy.

Slowed down forward movement of humans by about 18%. Should prevent lightly armored troops (especially smaller humans) from sprinting into combat like Speedy Gonzales.

Increased backwards and sideways movement. This should allow for greater control of movement and allow the player to easily dodge thrusting and overhead attacks. Also makes it easier to sidestep cavalry charges.

Increased acceleration and speed retention while turning for horses, based on real life video examples of riders. Horses now "drift" while turning, on account that they are very heavy animals with a high center of gravity. This together with the acceleration increase actually makes horses more maneuverable and allows the player to now "dance" with their horse around infantry units.

Increased physics capsule for human troops. Previously they had the same physics capsule as children which meant that soldiers would clip through each
other. Also increased spacing in formations. Hopefully troops will now keep a sensible distance from one another. Might mess up some situations in sieges.

Slightly increased shield bash range.

Modified weapon damage based on hit location on the body. Previously there was very little difference where on the body you hit (hits to the head had a 20%
bonus). Now hits to the head are devastating, while hits to the arms and feet are far less deadly.

Weapon damage multiplier to body parts is damage type dependent:

  • Cutting damage now deals decent damage to all parts of the body, but is easily countered with armor. This means that swords are best against unarmored opponents. Gets a huge bonus for attacks to the neck and a smaller bonus for attacks to the abdomen.
  • Blunt weapons are generally bad at dealing damage except for the head and torso, but are the hardest to counter with armor, which makes them decent at beating heavily armored troops. Gets a huge bonus for attacks to the head.
  • Piercing damage is decent against armor and is good at attacks to be body and head, but bad at attacks to the legs and terrible at attacks to the arms. Gets a large bonus for attacks to the chest.

Increased damage thrusting attacks do when the tip does not connect.
Should make spears more useful.