Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This is a fixed version of Caranthir444's Vlandian Knights Lances, created with permission from them. Please see their original mod here:

Permissions and credits
This mod adds numerous craftable lances to the game. I updated the original mod, adding the new required weapon descriptions file allowing the game to read what type of weapons the lances are that seems to have been added as a requirement with 1.7.0. They are also found in tradable settlements. Supported game version is e1.7.0.

Should be safe to add part way through a campaign.

This is my first mod so any major issues let me know and I will try to fix.

Original mod description: "It adds medieval heavy lances to game. Iron lance is heaviest of all but with more damage and other knight lances are all same. There is also tournament lances, if you are using a mod for editing tournament items you can add them.
Lances will appear in towns probably but you need to edit troop trees if you want your troops to use them.
Also you can adjust damages, weapon prices, weights of pieces if you want, it is very easy just edit xml with text editor.

If you played warband Floris mod, maybe some weapons look familiar.

Installation: just extract, copy the mod and paste it into your modules folder

NOTE: In smithing, if you change pommel and handle sizes of wooden lances, there will be visual issue: parts wont connect each other so my advice is: if you want to craft new lance, just change blade and guard's size and don't touch pommel and handle size"