Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Activate Slow Motion in Battles !
Configurate Key, toggle or Press & Speed of Slow Motion

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Want to slow down time in battle and see the blood of your enemies flying ?

As I have not seen such a mod yet (excluding some cheats) I wanted to add this, as I personaly prefer such a small mod over using a cheat/cheat-tools.
It's a rather simple & small script which just adds this feature, thus it should be compatible with other mods.

Current Features:
     - Slow down time
     - Set Slow-Motion speed in config.xml file
     - Either activate Slow-Motion while pressing or toggle Slow-Motion on key press
     - Set Key/Button to activate Slow-Motion in config

Future Features?:
     - (optional) limited slow motion, depending on skills
     - Slow-Motion sound effect
     - Slow-Motion graphic effect

How 2 Install:
     1. Extract the 'SlowMotion' folder in the .rar file to your ..\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules folder
     2. Activate the Mod in the Launcher
     3. Finish, enjoy :-)

How 2 Configurate:
     Within the SlowMotion Module Folder is a "Config.xml" file. Open that file with a text editor and change the values with a text
     toggle = "true" OR "false"
     factor = "0.50" (should be a float number: 0.50 = 50% slowed down,   0.75 = only 25% slowed down. I suggest 50%)
     key     = "47" (Default Button: V, see list at the end of the config.xml file to pick your key and replace the number)

CAUTION: The key numbers are for qwerty keyboards !
If you use other keyboard like azerty, keys got different numbers, for example the "W" isn't "17" but "44" (Z) !

I am rather new to modding and this is my first published mod, though it's rather small and simple, so I hope I did everything correct. I appreciate feedback.