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Complete overhaul of the Sturgian faction, making them more like norsemen.

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The Sturgian faction is obviously supposed to be the precursor to the Vaegirs (and to some degree the Nords). However, I really love the aesthetics of norse warrior and culture, and so this mod makes the Sturgian faction more like norsement rather than Kievan Rus. The main focus of the mod are the aesthetics of the faction, but there are some essential troop changes that changes the balance of the game to some degree.

Settlements have had their names changed to fit in with a nordic theme, attempting as best I can to make the names make sense for where the settlement is and what it is known for, as well as being easy enough to pronounce in english.
  • Nordagard
  • Paviken
  • Mihafnir
  • Botvik
  • Jarnastrand
  • Karlatun

Lords now have more nordic sounding names, with a few exceptions where I found the names to be fitting as is (for instance Raganvad). The name list is also updated, so newborn lords and ladies will have more nordic names.

Compatible with Bannerlord version 1.3.0 - 1.4.1.
Mods that alter the Sturgian troops, settlements, and lords: Load before this mod.


I recommend using Woods of Battania, Iron Arm of Vlandia and Khuzait Horsemasters along with this mod.
If you would like a more lore-friendly version of the Sturgians, my other mod Sturgian Duality makes the Rus influence dominant with the Nord influence being secondary.

Be sure to check out PolishMartyr's great Minor Faction Pack. This make the minor factions much more unique and fits very well with my mods.