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A Twist of Fate attempts to view the continent of Westeros through an alternate lens, what could the world look like if the traitor Robert Baratheon was struck down by the prince Rhaegar Targaryen? A complete overhaul of M&B2, with its own factions, units, and twists. Based on A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of thrones by George R R Martin

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A Twist of Fate is a mod rooted in the world of "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin. View Westeros through a twisted lens as if the traitor Robert Baratheon had been slain at the Trident by the royal prince Rhaegar Targaryen. The branch in the timeline avoids spoilers for the show and books, as well as opens the world to creative licensing and unique takes on events. The mod will mostly work with base models, textures, and otherwise in the game itself and only seek to expand model offerings when core content is completed. Lore-wise this mod will differentiate from other takes on the ASOIAF content by filling in missing gaps and implementing custom content to make the world feel more complete where appropriate. There will be little to no focus on magic in the world, and instead the focus will remain on the conflicts within the Seven Kingdoms and the distinct cultures of each of them, as well as low fantasy troop trees with troops that have unique flair to them that will make each faction feel unique to play.

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This early access version is a testing ground for troop trees and to establish a baseline set of values for when the official mod tools release. This is a work-in-progress, expect rapid patches and constant improvements. Everything is subject to change, most of all stats, gear, and names.


  • Unzip the module into your modules folder
  • When loading insure it loads as close to the bottom as possible (at least past the vanilla modules)
  • (Optional but Recommended) Ownership - Backup your settlements.xml in Sandbox/Module Data and replace it with this version

  • Optional edits will conflict with other mods that modify settlements.xml.


Special Thanks
Nwetta - Helped investigate a myriad of issues involving cultures and notables. Their work and help can not be understated. Keep an eye out for their Elder Scrolls mod.
Alkoon - Helped find case sensitive culture bug that partially to blame for preventing people from entering settlements. Their Adventurers faction mod provided a good foundation for solving some issues with notables.