Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

About this mod

Install manually. Do not download with vortex. The mod does not install properly if you use vortex. A Collection of armor and weapons i added for a game of thrones mod. A few of models have higher than recommended poly count but will work just fine on companions. When i release the overhaul this issue will be addressed and greatly improved.

Permissions and credits
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I uploaded a new file for 1.8 since there were a lot of issues with the last file i uploaded for 1.8. I added a few shields and weapons since the last upload. I temporarily removed a few pre-assembled weapons  . I plan on doing a bit of cleanup with the swords so theres not as many unnecessary duplicate items as well as make the parts from different weapons line up better. After thats done ill make more weapons that can be added with the cheat menu. 

    Im still working on the Viper armor. Ive decided to add it since i was so close to completing it. But i plan on fixing it up more. Theres a lot of clipping on the shoulders. id like to at least get rid of some of it. So theres no need top report any issuies with it since its not finished yet. Youll also get some error messages instead of 1 hand and 2 hand weapons stats etc.. The stats still display correctly even though the names of the category do not. This dosent bother me at all so im not to worried bout fixing it. If u want to go ahead. But theres no need to report it. 

      I posted a few videos of some of the changes that were made to a few armor sets. Also added a few variations of teh Tully armor, a Greyjoy armor, Stannis Baratheon's armor, a Dragonstone armor, and a new armor for Robert Baratheon.  Added 2 weapons as well. Heartsbane and Gendrys hammer. I added a few handles for Gendry's hammer but i still need to add the handle its supposed to have from the show. Gendrys hammer also has its own crafting template. It uses 2 hand axe animations instead of 2 hand mace animations like the others.

     If you like the armor i have a patreon page set up in which all of the donations are currently going towards armor assets for an overhaul mod. Im getting pretty close to having enough assets to making this a reality. I also give Patrons access to weapons and armor as soon as i complete them with google drive links. I can also add items upon request if i think its something i can get  use out of in the overhaul im working on. Im always looking for help so if any one is interested you can send me a message on here or on my discord page.
               I have now decided to help out with Realm of Thrones since I ended up not having any one to help me with coding the overhaul i wanted to make. So youll see some of these models appear in ROT

  Ive also sorted through a lot of the junk and removed it from the xml files. I still need to remove it from my module though. Ill start on that soon. 

This is a collection of armor and weapons I added for a game of thrones mod. Currently working on V 1.7 and 1.8. Just install one of the main files in your Bannerlord modules folder. My discord server is probably the quickest way to contact me if any one needs any help.

     Some of the models have a higher poly count than is recommended. I didn't really know what i was doing when i started making/adding the majority of this stuff. I was just happy to be able to figure out how to add them in the game and have them working properly since I had never done anything like this before. But the more recent models i have added are much better on performance than the first few ive added. I will also go through all of the models and make sure they have the proper LODs added to them and will look to better optimize them in any way i can. So when i do release the overhaul the performance will be greatly improved. 

                               Id also like to thank the creator of swadian armoury for allowing me to use and edit some of his helmets to fit some of the armor sets in this mod. I also have a modified version of the coat of plates from his mod in here

PLEASE DO NOT USE MY MOD AS A DEPENDENCY FOR ANY TROOP TREE MODS OR ANYTHING ELSE WITH OUT FIRST GETTING PERMISSION! . Some of the items in my module were not created or purchased by me. I cant give permission to use assets that i do not own. I do not wish to have them tell me to remove there assets from my mod.