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About this mod

Life in Calradia is a mod heavily focused on bringing more roleplay aspects into Bannerlord. LIC adds many new features like the ability to purchase, manage, and upgrade your own housing and taverns, the ability to craft and farm at your houses, and adding tons of new ways to interact with your companions to help bring the game to life!

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
Welcome to Life in Calradia.

This version of the mod will no longer be updated for now.
There is a new beta version build from scratch with more advanced features:

  • New property types.
  • Added housing to Vlandia culture.
  • Improved buy/sell housing.
  • Improved crafting system.
  • Several menu added for better experience.
  • Dynamic placement of objects.
  • Animal husbandry (horse).
  • Employee.
  • In game tools for add to mod new custom properties.
  • ...

Take a look on YouTube or in posts section for more details.
It's available on Discord and compatible with the latest stable version of Bannerlord (1.2.8)


This mod required Bannerlord version 1.8.0.

I encourage everyone who plays the mod to provide feedback and report bugs, with your help we can make the mod even better!
Please keep in mind that bugs may appear, other mods may be incompatible, and saves may be corrupted.

Join our Discord to help provide feedback, get support, and find previews of what’s coming next!

Mod reviewed by Artem (thanks to him!)

Mod order recommendation
LIC should be put just after Bannerlord Modules in the mod list. (Refer to screenshot above).
Note that it may be incompatible with mod that change culture or scene names in settlement.xml.

Current Mechanics

Housing Management

  • The ability to purchase housing/taverns in towns and villages
  • Each house can be upgraded into 3 different levels with each adding new looks and features to your housing
  • Have your companions and family members live in your house, with each having their own personalized routines.
  • You can optionally rent houses to your companions for extra income
  • Chests to store your prized possessions
  • Crafting
  • Farming (in village houses)

Companion Overhaul
  • Persistent preferences for companions, they react to gifts you give them according to their taste and gifts quality.
  • Managing companion inventory.
  • Equipment cant effects your relationship, upgrading gear will give positive relations while downgrading their gear will upset your companions (disabled until next revision)
  • Teaching/learning system to boost your companions' skills

Currently Planned Features

  • Scenes for different factions, right now the Empire is the only faction with housing
  • Extended crafting/farming and other role-play mechanics
  • Balance prices/incomes/XP/cooldown
  • Tavern management (no precise ideas yet)
  • More interaction with player children (relationship and skill learning)
  • ...


Where and how can I buy houses/taverns?

Housing is currently available at every Empire town and some Empire villages.
You can find them in world map with a house icon (Red: No residences available, Green: Residences for sale, Gold: You own residence(s))
Choose Housing info in settlement menu, talk directly to notables, tavern keepers or take a walk around for more information (e.g "For sale" tag by pressing the Alt key).

Note: You must wait 1 day from the start of your campaign for housing to become available, a
message will pop up telling you that housing is available for purchase.

How much does housing cost?

It depends on multiple factor:
  • owner's influence
  • relationship
  • size
  • town/village prosperity (higher prosperity => higher cost, lower prosperity => lower cost).
Tavern base price is 10000 coins and housing is 7000.
These values are subject to change and can be edited.

How do I add companions to my house?

You can simply talk to them or interact with the house's banner.
They are automatically removed from houses when they are kicked from the clan or housing is sold/rented.
Main character siblings can be added after the family rescue quest completed.

Companions cannot be added to taverns.

How do I rent my house/tavern?

For houses once you have purchased one, a new dialog to rent your house becomes available for companions in your clan.
Each house has a base income, and your companions cannot pay rent to you for more than their troop wage.
Income from taverns and rent from houses are add to other income (like with workshops) and can be visible by hovering your mouse over the gold icon on the world map (at bottom right corner) or in clan member finance.

How do I upgrade my house?

All houses start at level 1 and can be upgraded up to level 3. Each level has a cost to upgrade and each level unlocks new furniture / decorations.
You can talk to tavern keepers or notables to upgrade them and at the end of a renovation time they will move to the next level.

How does crafting work?

For now, only cooking is available.
New items have been added to give a little more depth to recipes, they can be found in all markets in town (talk to trader).
In your house, interact with the "cooking pot" to access the list of recipes.
Choose one or more recipes and after a period of time, they will be added to your inventory (if the list of recipes is still open otherwise on the next interaction with it).

Companions can also cook if the cooking ingredients are available in the house chest.
After battles, your companion can consume recipes to recover some hit points from critical injuries if they are in their inventory.

How does farming work?

Here a list of villages that farming is implemented:
Varagos, Enoisa, Boreagora; Dradios, Arpotis, Odrysa, Metachia, Caira, Polisia, Tegresos, Gorcorys, Tevea, Saldannis, Vargornis, Eunalica.
Only two houses of these villages have plots (the biggest house has a plot behind, for the other on its right).

Seeds can be found in each town. You have to take a walk on town and talk to a merchant who sells vegetables. Select this dialog line "Let me see your fresh foods..." to open purchase screen.

After that, go to your plot, equip peasant pitchfork or peasant pole harm and hit the ground with it (clod of earth must appear).
Interact with the clod, choose a seed and wait for the harvest (3 days for vegetables and 7 days for trees).
Some plants need proper tools to be harvested, so be careful!

How do the new companion interactions work?

Giving companions new items can increase or decrease your relationship (depends on companion's tastes).
Pay attention to their reactions to find out what they prefer. Be patient and don't spam interactions because it will annoy them and your relationship will deteriorate.
You can also ask them to teach you a skill or learn a skill after a certain amount of relation.

Can I customize the mod?

Yes, many aspects of this mod can be edited, the files can be found in Mount & Blade II Bannerlord/Modules/LifeInCalradia/ModuleData.
Here a quick list of things you can edit:
  • House/Tavern prices, upgrade prices, incomes
  • Items, item preferences and item modification
  • Crafting (recipes, ingredients, crafting time...)
  • Farming (harvest count, growing speed, grow stage...)
  • Translation, all texts are accessible from an external file and French is already implemented.

How to install Life in Calradia

To install the mod manually, first download the file from Nexus, then unzip the file and drag the folder into your Mount & Blade II Bannerlord/Modules/ directory.
To launch make sure you put the mod after the end of the Bannerlord modules, you can refer to the pictures above to look at the load order.

Bugs report

To help fixing bugs, please try to give as much detail as possible (process, situation, location, hero interaction...). If the game crash, you can also attach the crash log in your message (located in C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\crashes).

Onedrop – Programming and sceneing
Optio Miles – Sceneing

You can find development progress HERE.
Join Discord

I hope you have fun with it!