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Adds a Rhodok Troop Tree (based on both Native and Floris) as a import preset for My Little Warband. Lore friendly and balanced. Tested for 1.6.3 but probably works beyond it.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a troop tree preset for My Little Warband featuring a selection of reasonably balanced Rhodok troops. The troops included are based on the Warband and Floris troop trees with some modifications to streamline the available units and their roles.

Rhodok troops favor crossbows and spears, enabling favorable defensive strategies against cavalry based armies. Standard recruits are able to specialize into the roles of crossbowmen, pikemen, lancers, or armsmen. Standard crossbowmen may specialize further into the roles of Sniper and Lineman. Snipers are more lightly equipped but can accurately engage from greater distance and carry an extra quiver of bolts. Linemen wear heavier armor and wield pavise shields to serve as the front line of a crossbow formation or as hardy garrisons. Rhodok cavalry is somewhat limited, but standard spearman may become lancers who are specifically equipped to engage other cavalry. Rhodok pikemen and armsman can both become sergeants of their respective classes, equipped with a versatile mix of high-quality weapons and heavy armor.

For elite units, the Rhodok Regular is a trained crossbowman and spearman. Regulars have two upgrade paths. A ranged path which is similar to but ultimately surpasses the Sharpshooters of Vlandia, ending with the Tier 6 Crossbow Sergeant who is a heavily armored expert of both ranged and melee combat. The second path is a mounted skirmisher who uses their crossbow to harass enemy formations. The Elite Skirmisher, a Tier 5 rider, is additionally equipped with a cataphract lance to contend with hostile horsemen.

Install and enable MLW
Extract the file in Bannerlord/Modules
To import a troop tree, enable the module. Then go to the tavern district and click the import troop tree button.
Then save the game and exit bannerlord.  Disable the module for the troop tree, reload the save and everything should still be there.

Credits to My Little Warband ( by LL Muse
and to Rise of the Rhodoks ( by Skullblade982 for inspiring the mod and taking the name "Rise".