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Marry anyone continue more stable with new features

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Improved Relation during sex :
Formula : (TraitCompatibility(Calcule) + 3 * TraitCompatibility(Generosity) + TraitCompatibility(Valor)) / 2 + Random

Improved Relation during battle :
Formula : A = CompatibleBattleTrait
=> TraitCompatibility(Hero.Honor, otherHero.Honor)
+ TraitCompatibilityInverse(Hero.Mercy, otherHero.Valor)
+ TraitCompatibilityInverse(Hero.Valor, otherHero.Mercy)
+ TraitCompatibility(Hero.Generosity, otherHero.Valor)
+ TraitCompatibility(Hero.Valor, otherHero.Generosity)
+ TraitCompatibility(Hero.Calculating, otherHero.Valor)
+ TraitCompatibility(Hero.Valor, otherHero.Calculating)

     If CompatibleBattleTrait >= 2 and Honor go in same way, Great chance that the relation improve
Version 3.0.5
a big thanks for ImJustJoshin
for text corrections.

Version 3.0.4
Patch : Retry courtship don't worked if the romance was Ended
(When you engage with a futur spouse A and married with another spouse
The Romance with A is Ended)

Version 3.0.3
Fix the multiplication of relation modification through battle
Fix no more relation improvement if suicide
Patch : Too much Wanderer or Bandit (without party) in town
Need to be activated via MCM
If relations improve through battle with her/his spouse,
the relation is testet between spouses themself before sexual relation
(Only if Relation needed for sexual relation >= 0)

Version 3.0.2
Fix : Battle RelationShip improvement was not well initialized
when attacked an HideOut, or atk a castle/town
A bit more easy to improve RelationShip via Battle

Version 3.0.1
New : Battle relation improvement (activate through MA options)
inspired from Healthy RelationShips
Improve (or not) relation with your spouse or your spouse between themself
and with other NPC Heroes
you must have character Traits wich go well between NPC to improve.
To use this functionality at his full use Arena Overhaul mod and play like a team

Modification : improved relation through sexual relation is more balanced

Version 2.6.19
Patch a bug : If you have take a leader of other clan in your team.
He no more pay wage for your party,
And if he don't have enough money, you're party not lost moral
because he can't all pay.

Fix a bug :
Sytem.IndexOutOfRangeException on TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.TroopRoster.RemoveTroop
When you remove a NPC from your party through MA Dialogs (not systematic i think).

Version 2.6.18
Patch bugged spouse
    you can leave bugged spouse
    or  you can Re married with bugged spouse through dialogues (look at the srcreenshot)

Fix a bug :
     Sexual Relation between NPC not married with the player are no more impacted by
     the relation needed level set through MA Settings

Version 2.6.17
foxyfox007 ask me to patch another bug :
Add 2 dialog line and a little patch if you married in very easy mod with a noble
New : You can now married a bandit or an outlow (if you are not at ware with them)
I have the solution to make peace with bandit's faction (in the next version)
Else you can use some mode's to let you play as bandit (like Fourberie ...)

Version 2.6.16
thank you foxyfox007
Fix a bug : Marry trhough MA path work fine again
if you're not a kingdom owner and you married a kingdom owner
New : you become the new owner (but you leave your faction)
if you marry a kingdom owner and you don't have a kingfom
and you set "Can join owner clan through MA Path" in options

Version 2.6.15 :
With a big thanks to faridus99
dialogues corrections

Version 2.6.14
Fix a bug : Crash eventually when family join your clan or a new clan

Version 2.6.13
Fix a bug : Crash eventually when cleaning the persuasions attempts

Version 2.6.11 for M&B 1.6.4 and upper
Patch : Restore lost spouses with the help of LogEntry
Bug introduct in version 2.5.10 and fixed in version 2.6.8

Version 2.6.10 for M&B 1.6.4 and upper
Fix : Too many relations evolution during sexual relation

Version 2.6.9 for M&B 1.6.4 and upper
Resources updated in XML file (to help the draductions)

Version 2.6.8 for M&B 1.6.4 and upper
With the helpfull of Ultracheats
Fix a bug : Lost spouse
bug present from v 2.5.10

Version 2.6.7 for M&B 1.6.4 and upper
Fix a bug : the Retry courtship don't work fine from 2.6.5 or 2.6.6

Version 2.6.6 for M&B 1.6.4 and upper
If you can't launch courtship because your relation are too low
you can learn it via dialogue path (more interactive)

Version 2.6.5 for M&B 1.6.4 and upper
config.json is located in C:\Users\'User'\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\ModSettings\MarryAnyOne
You can't no more launch a courtship on a notable who have some issues (Fix some other issues)
Improvement : You can have a sexual relation with a vilain(ess) now
In Debug mode : you have an alert when you have no partner available near you for sexual relation (if debug mode active)
Correction : The Courtship begin only if your interlocutor is agreed
Improvement : You know now why the cheating functionnality is not allowed (via dialogs)

Version 2.6.3 for M&B 1.7.0

Version 2.6.2 for M&B 1.6.4 and more
You can leave your lover within dialog

Version 2.6.1 BETA for M&B 1.6.4 and more
Divorce possibility
or remove a bugged spouse
Join an upper party is back (with an option to stay compatible with Calradia Expanded)
The Main Hero try to have allways a spouse (Polygamy)
then Captivity Events work fine
FIX : bug when click on There is something I'd like to discuss
there were no discussion after (they are back)

Version 2.5.10 for M&B 1.6.4 and more
Fix : the Too much Spouse bug
Bug created in 2.5.3 (sorry guys)
Your cheating partners don't appear in your familly tree
a big big thanks again to Windian90 without him we would still be stuck.
(CHANGE) the normal lords are normaly married now
and use the exspouse system like they will do without MA

Version 2.5.9 BETA for M&B 1.6.4 and more
Fix : the Too much Spouse bug
Fix the change in 2.5.3 :
The relation status with your spouse is the status Marriage (no more Ended)
a big big thanks to Windian90

Version 2.5.8 (for M&B 1.6.4 and M&B 1.6.5)

Version 2.5.6 (for M&B 1.6.4 and more)
Fix : The player can no more be his spouse himself.
Fix : The Patch who can eject the player of his clan when the player is spouse of himself
Fix : remove the Leader if his alive before end a clan who is dead
(bcause the you marry the leader and there'is no more hero suitable for the clan)
Fix : the retry courtship.

then the leader stay alive
Version 2.5.5 (for M&B 1.6.4 and more)
Patch of adoption no more make crash
Patch of adoption no more give at your adopted child your father as his step father (Sorry guys)

Version 2.5.4 (Beta) (for M&B 1.6.4 and more)
Fix a bug : can't no more married wanderer from 2.5.3

Version 2.5.3 (Beta) (for M&B 1.6.4 and more)
Fix a bug If you marry an hero who's a king and you're not
(perhaps only on Calradia Expanded)
=> The MA Path is no more available then, it is the default game functioning
wich apply then.
But if you're a King then the MA functioning is back again.

Fix a bug : the Retry courtship was not well apply

PATCH the Encyclopedia the view of your profile or your spouse profile
is no more duplicated :)

(New) You can broke on a courtship
(New) You can lost relation when :
Breaking courtship
When you married one spouse
        the other courship pending generates lost relation

(CHANGE) The relation status with your spouse is the status Marriage (no more Ended)

Thanks for test it

Version 2.5.2
Fix 2 other crash from 2.5.0
look at the bug list

Version 2.5.1 (Beta)
Fix a crash when married a wanderer

Version 2.5.0 (Beta) Thanks for test it
Adoption when you married a wish/widow wich has childrens
Familly follow father / mother if he/she swap of clan
New cheat system with a persuasion quest
Option : Improve relation during sexual relation (look at the new screenShot)
Option : Spouse Notable
Options Relation Limit for
Sexual relation

Version 2.4.4 (Beta)
MB 165 only : Thanks for test it

Version 2.4.3
MB 164 only : Fix, can create a clan from a companion too

Version 2.4.2
MB 164 only : a child, or a step child or a brohter/sister cancreate the new clan (like a companion)
MB 164 only : change to lord occupation work well now (work allready well on the old version)
Modification : only the player can use Polygamie

Version 2.3.10 :
Fix the bug : "barter line goes here"

Version 2.3.9 :
Fix a bug : You can Marry NPC allready in your team

Version 2.3.7 :
Easy & Very easy mode works fine now
Fix a GPF when married a Wanderer

Version 2.3.6 :
You can marry NPC without take them in your team
and Marry NPC like Arzagos or Istiana
=> Work fine now

Marry anyone continue :
(New) You can marry NPC without take them in your team.
(New) Marry NPC like Arzagos or Istiana
(New) You're spouse can join you during arena battle.
(Activate via MCM, after starting the game)

Correction :
Your spouse can govern a town or a castle without leaving.
Cheating option no more needed to check Poligamy option.

Compatible :
with Pregnancy Control fixed (or not)

Not compatible :
Conflict with "serve as soldier mode

Translation work with this version too.

Technic :
harmony, MCM
no more noHarmony