Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

About this mod

By installing this mod, you will join to VARTS Trade Guild as their newest member. They are a network of merchants, workshop owners, caravan leaders, slave traders, even spies. Your new network will allow you to find a fellow agent in every town. They will provide precious information that you definitely need, free of charge as a membership perk.

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VARTS Trade Guild Mod v2.1.1 for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord:


  • What is this mod?

This mod adds a new Encyclopedia page full of economy related information. You can see all villages and their production, and their trade bound town. You can see all towns with a suggestion for which workshops to build. You can use filters to quickly find what you need. Clicking any of the towns or villages will redirect you to original Encyclopedia pages so that you can use Track functionality and see more details.

Do you want to see a list of villages that produce and sell cheap hardwood? We got you covered.
Do you want to see which towns are the best to build a wood workshop? Check.
Do you want to find the city with the most villages that provide clay to them? Yup.

  • Showcase

VARTS Trade Guild is a GOG Prize Winner during Stay Home, Make Mods (Week 1), out of 273 mods that took part in the event !!!

  • How does this mod work?

You have to go to a town, and at the bottom of the menu, you will see a new menu item called: Visit VARTS Trade Guild

You can also have the exact functionality within Encyclopedia of the game (by pressing N key) as a shortcut. There will be a new page called: VARTS Trade Guild

When clicked either of them, this mod iterates over every village and town in the game.

For villages, the mod finds out about their Primary Production (ex: Hardwood) and their Trade Bound Town.

This gives us a basic idea about which village sells their goods to where, and what exactly are they selling.

For towns, the mod finds out what their supplier villages are selling to them, and iterates over the list of workshop types in the game. If a workshop uses those materials as input, that workshop will be marked as suggestion for that town.

If there are multiple villages that provide same goods to the town, it means there will be more supply. The mod allows you to see this information by putting making this information easily visible, example:

Wood Workshop, this means this workshop will surely make a better profit on this town
Wood Workshop (+), this means this workshop will definitely make a great profit on this town
Wood Workshop (++), this means just build this workshop and ignore everything else as it will bring in heavy profit

You have multiple filters that you can apply at the same time, so you can definitely find the information you seek in an easy manner.

This mod makes a hidden mechanic visible to the player, which is Trade Bound Towns of a village. Normally, when you hover over a Town in the map, you will see a list of Villages. However, there are more villages that supply goods to that village. Where do you think villages that are bound to a castle send their goods? :)

With this mod, you can see this information in an easy to understand list. This is the most important functionality I aimed to provide with this mod.

  • Is this mod open source?

Feel free to make pull requests:

  • Known compatibility issues with other mods?

There are no confirmed cases yet.

  • Does this mod need a new game, or will it work with existing saves?

It will work with existing save games as this mod does not edit existing codebase, it adds it's own logic.