Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This is a mod. It has its own functions, but I also hope it is an API. You can spend money to recruit some troops in the set settlements. As long as you have money, you can recruit troops, which will greatly reduce the difficulty of the game. At least this time AI can't grab recruits with you.

Permissions and credits
Mo Mercenary Association, in story setting, is Mo lengling founded the association 20 years ago. Its institutions are all over the continent of karadia. You can recruit these powerful mercenaries as long as you pay enough money. Stronger mercenaries need more money.


to modder:
By creating a file named "xxxMMMAConfig. XML" in the moduledata folder, you can configure your own office and mercenary, and support the configuration of office opening conditions through culture, mapformation, settlement and settlement type.The string 'xxx' can be any string

通过在ModuleData文件夹下创建一个名为 "xxxMMAConfig.xml" 的文件,你可以配置自己的雇佣兵办公室和雇佣兵,支持通过文化、阵营、特定定居点 和 定居点类型 配置办公室开启的条件。

This is my first mod with DLL. There may be many vulnerabilities. I can't guarantee that it will run perfectly, but I will continue to maintain this project.


I have launch my female mercenary in the future and use this mod as a scheme to recruit female mercenaries.