Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This is just a simple mod to change bandit numbers. Added different difficulty levels, so everyone can choose his poison.

If you add this mod mid saves, only newly spawned bandits groups are changed. Currently walking parties remain the same

Changes compared to Vanilla:

Future plans :
  1. Deserters (bandits groups with up to tier 3 kingdom troops and 1 tier5 unit acting as their captain)
  2. Renegade nobles (noble bandits groups, imagine getting hunted down by 50 fian champions)
  3. Bandit Warbands (greatly increased bandit number, lets say for vanilla 50-100 mixed bandit troops)
  4. Balancing traders according to difficulty, so the economy won't collapse
  5. Complete new type of bandits
  6. Custom bandits numbers (a simple GUI to tweak numbers mid game)

Other mods i'm currently planing to work on:
  • mercenaries expanded - make mercenary clan units recruitable as mercenaries in towns, add new type of mercenaries (I'm working on creating new tier 4 mercenaries based on regional nobles, for example - Fian Outlander, Knight Errant, Varyag Soldier etc.)
  • New Towns - i'm planning on adding a new town for:
  • Sturgia - on the wastelands between Tyal and Sibir (+ 3 villages, 1 iron, 1 hardwood, 1 silver)
    Battania - a coastal city north of them (+ 2 villages, 1 fish, 1 silk)
    Khuzait - between Odokh and Husn Fulq ( +2 villages, 1 sheep, 1 grain)
  • More Noble Troops Options - more noble troop diversity, Tier 4 noble troops upgrades into 2 Tier 5 (Sturgia for example - you can have a cavalry Druzhinnik or Infantry Varyag Guard)
  • Workshops - Bakery (grain -> bread), Chicken Coop (grain -> meat), [once i start working on it i'll ask for suggestions]
  • Useful Militias - peasants are now guarded by a small militia unit (20%-35% of peasant number)