Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Add shield for every faction basic low tier unit. And optional spear addon.

Permissions and credits
Add shield to basic factions troops, because i want to make them look more like a levy than a bunch of unruly rabble.

New version now available! Now with module to avoid being overwritten after game updates! Also come with Levy Edition that add spear to Low Tier Unit!!


Native Version:

Replace spnpccharacters.xml in Module > SandBoxCore > ModuleData. ALWAYS BACKUP your original file first before replacing.
Recommended if you don't want to see old equipment still being use in battlefield.

Module Version:

Drag and drop to Module folder, activate it in launcher, Recommended using link Manulg Fixed launcher mod to fix load order issue in 1.0.8.

Note: - Load After Native, To avoid being overwritten by SandBoxCore module!
  - You can only use one version at the time! so if you use Levy Edition, you must delete the Main version at your module folder!
  - Compatible with other mod so long as they didn't change Low Tier Troops ID, or anything involving their ID.
  - Yes! It also compatible with other mod that add equipment to Low Tier Troops if they loaded after the mod

Version Log:

-RELEASE LRv.1: Release Version
-UPDATE LRv.2a: Add shield to watchman, Module Version
-UPDATE LRv.2b: Low tier unit get spear along with their sidearm, Shield included, alternative version of .2a, Module Version
-UPDATE LRv.3am: Native replacement version to fix the issue where the games read the file as added variation in module version instead of replacing it
-UPDATE LRv.3bm: .3bm, Levy Edition
-UPDATE LRv.3am fix: Fix load saves and new games crash bug, Native replacement version
-UPDATE LRv.3bm fix: .3am fix, Levy Edition
-UPDATE LRv.4am: fix aserai mameluke double shield bug, added shield to borrowed troops, added shield to second tier unit if hadn't any, vlandian recruits troop shield changed into battered shield, because you know. Vlandian feudalism system. low tier troops always the worse.
-UPDATE LRv.4bm: .4am, Levy Edition.
-UPDATE LRv.5am: For 1.1.0+.
-UPDATE LRv.5bm: .5am, Levy Edition.
-UPDATE LRv.5am fix: fix vlandian recruit bearskin cape bug.
-UPDATE LRv.5bm fix: .5am, Levy Edition.

- Since 1.0.8 updates virtually break almost all mods load order (Including this mod) considering download Manulg Fixed Launcher mod to sort mod up Here's the link to mod section

 - Due how the game read file, it basicly add the mod as new equipment set variation for the troops instead of replacing it. i currently trying to figure out how to fix this so if you using the current module version, there's high chance that you will still seeing old equipment set without shield being used in battlefield. in meanwhile i will upload next version that replace native file instead using module to replace it. Before i can figure out how to fix this.