Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Mod to extract data for snowballing and clan wealth monitoring.
Use (left)ALT + F to export a txt file to the desktop.
Name of the file will change on every attempt : BLcheck_IngameYear_XX_date&time&hour.txt
Compatible game version 161+ - Only compatible with SANBOX MODE

Permissions and credits
Only compatible with SANBOX MODE

This mod does not add anything to the game.
It is a tool to easily extract data from the game for analysis purpose.
It creates a txt file with 3 tables:

First table - Settlements related data
Fields name -> year,faction,factionstr,clangold,fiefscore,prospe,clan

Second table - Factions related data
Fields name -> year,factionname, factionclan, factiontown, factionsettle,factionstr

Third table - Clans related data
Fields name -> year,faction, clangold, clanstr, clanfiefs, claninfluence, clanname

Compatible game version 161+ (SANDBOX mode only)

Background of this mod:
Some players are running campaign tests on every patches to check if the game is healthy after 20 years in game time.
The main purpose of those tests is to monitor the snowballing problem (was badly affecting the gaming experience since release, quite balanced nowadays).
Now the wealth of factions and clans are also looked at.
More information HERE

How to run a speed campaign without player action:
Create a new campaign using beta patch (in SANDBOX mode, without any mods activated, except BLcheck)
Launch the console command. (ALT+²)
And use the following commands:
  1. config.cheat_mode 1 (activate cheat mode)
  2. campaign.set_main_party_attackable 0 (so the player character is not attacked)
  3. campaign.multiply_campaign_speed 20 (accelarate the in game time)
  4. campaign.move_time_forward 10080 (for 5 years)
Then let run the game WITHOUT doing anything.
After 5 years, hit (left)ALT+F to create a first report.
Then repeat console command 4 for a new 5 years time swap and recreate a new report (and repeat until in game 20 years)
The extracted data are quite raw so you will need to manipulate/analyse them using excel or whatever.
Check the forum and see how you can help making BL a healthy base game :-)