Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Cú Chulainn WEAPON

Cú Chulainn was light god's son, i show light in blade and other 2 part of lance
Cú Chulainn was night kingdom queen's solder, i use ghost effect as handle

this weapon hit have large sound and hit effect, to show Cú Chulainn large power
it can swing and thrust 2 kind attack, damage all XXXXXXX

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Cú Chulainn, also spelled Cú Chulaind or Cúchulainn (/kuːˈkʌlɪn/ koo-KUL-in,[1][2] Irish: [kuːˈxʊlˠɪnʲ] (listen); "Culann's Hound") and sometimes known in English as Cuhullin,[a] is an Irish mythological demigod who appears in the stories of the Ulster Cycle, as well as in Scottish and Manx mythology.[3] He is believed to be an incarnation of the Irish god Lugh, who is also his father.[4][5][6] His mother is the mortal Deichtine, sister of Conchobar mac Nessa.[7]
Born Sétanta, he gained his better-known name as a child, after killing Culann's fierce guard dog in self defence and offering to take its place until a replacement could be reared. At the age of seventeen he defended Ulster single-handedly against the armies of queen Medb of Connacht in the famous Táin Bó Cúailnge ("Cattle Raid of Cooley"). It was prophesied that his great deeds would give him everlasting fame, but his life would be a short one. He is known for his terrifying battle frenzy, or ríastrad[8] (translated by Thomas Kinsella as "warp spasm"[9] and by Ciarán Carson as "torque"),[10] in which he becomes an unrecognisable monster who knows neither friend nor foe. He fights from his chariot, driven by his loyal charioteer Láeg and drawn by his horses, Liath Macha and Dub Sainglend.