Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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KIngdom Start 2 Electric Bogalo
Start as leader of an existing kingdom
mod made mainly for skipping the early game grind or role playing reason
Updated and reworked version of kingdom start mod with several new or changed features

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-play as clan member (for the change clan leader option to appear the person you are talking to must be a none companion adult clan member who is either leading a party or in your party)

-start as ruler or any of the 8 existing factions or the Emperor of an united Empire
-start as child of the previous faction rule
  • The default elder brother, little sister, and little brother will have their parents changed too, but remain part of your clan
  • The old faction leader will become a vassal in your kingdom.  If the old faction leader has a spouse, then that character will be listed as your mother/father as well.  If the old faction leader had children they will be listed as your siblings as well.  However all the default starting characters of the old faction leader's clan will remain in their clan
  • The default story parents are removed
  • Escape stage of character creation removed since it no longer make sense since parents are no longer killed by bandits
-parent stage and education stage in character creator changed to better reflect the situation of growing up as royalty
-clothing in some character creation stages changed to be more immersive with being a royal
-You and your 3 story siblings start with a set of noble amour 
-clan tier set 6
-starts with some influence and additional gold 
- you keep the default kingdom banner as your clan banner if you just click done on the banner creation screen without doing anything