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Another attempt to fix or at least to improve the performance of spear.

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This is still experimental on this stage

Following are the changes made using this mod:
1. Increase thrust damage for all spear blades by 1.5
  • This will also allows your Infantry to use their Spear on Shieldwall formation. Basically, a Spearwall on Shieldwall formation
2. Decrease weight of all spear shaft (handle) by 75%, this will make spear thrusts faster. 
3. Apply modification from previous spear rework mods such as:
  • Attacks not getting blocked by ally's shield from behind
  • full damage on short range
4. Improve speed graph damage multiplier:
  • Additional Thrust damage is from speed movement. This mod will make thrust do a little more damage even the user is just standing still, therefore, footman with spear will do great damage regardless of speed movement. 

This mod needs to overwrite some native files, therefore, make sure to save a copy.

How to Install:
1. Download SpearRework file (choose version which you prefer)
2. Extract the file
3. Inside the Module folder, there are 2 folders. 1st is "Native" and 2nd is "SpearRework"
4. Copy both files
5. Go to Bannerlord Module folder. By defaults its "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules"
6. Paste both files inside the Bannerlord Module folder. Select overwrite when pasting the files.
7. Launch Bannerlord Launcher and activate SpearRework mod. 
8. Launch the game.