Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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A bunch of changes that makes running your kingdom actually tolerable

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  • Russian
For 1.6.0, 1.6.1 and 1.6.2
Double check to make sure you downloaded the correct file for you installation of bannerlord


-Customizable royal guards.  Edit template and hire at any town keep or castle in your kingdom.  Can promote any tier 6 troops into royal guards through new UI.  Must have royal guard kingdom policy.
- Shift clicking on companion in clan members tab gives the option to turn them into a tier 1 landless minor vassal of your kingdom for 200 influence.  They will get a spouse, some noble tier armour of their culture and maybe a few children as well
-Kicking clans from your kingdom no longer require vote and you can choose if they keep their fiefs or not
-As ruler of kingdom, you can peace out of any war now without vassal vote. 
-Annexing vassal fief no longer requires voting
-Vassal in player kingdom will no longer randomly defect if they have at least 1 settlement and 20+ relations with the player
-Cost to recruit lord into your kingdom no longer scales with number of clans in your kingdom
-Removed the "I am glad to service my kingdom. I have no interest in serving another liege" line from lord dialogue since it is just a poorly coded money check that requires you to have more money than necessary to recruit them into your kingdom.
-Overriding vassal popular vote cost only 10% of base game influence.  Just seems stupid having to spend 2000 influence not to get dragged into a suicidal war vassals want. 
-Shift clicking the "gift" button on the kingdom fief tab with you own settlement selected will give the option to grant the settlement to a brand new clan that will become your vassal.  Regular clicking the button still lets you transfer fiefs to existing clans