Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Troops that will completely replace the vanilla troops,in some ways just like Warband maybe.
If you don't like the vanila troops,why don't take a look at this?

Permissions and credits
Strongly suggest to play in sandbox mode!
I won't be responsible for those bugs occurred during the story mode.

Did you ever think that was foolish to have two different lines battanians but with the same effect?
Did you want to have as many cavalries as you want,no matter how many horses you have?
Did you just want to build a big cavalry(maybe cataphract) legion that is a little bit destructive?
Do you want to play with Warband-like Troops?
Do you want to upgrade to cavalries without wasting a horse(might be a good one)?
Are you sick of the vanilla troops?
This is your choice.
An improved collection of large troop trees will make your game experience better.
(Well,I do think the new troops look better)

What does it do:
Add new troops,bandits and more,they'll replace the vanilla troops,simple as that.
(NPCs use these troops,too)

1.Put it into the Modules folder
2.Select this mod in the launcher
3.Start a new game then have fun

You can install the mod after starting a new campaign,it may still work,but I suggest to start a new game :)
You can't uninstall it from a save that already loaded this mod before!!


Incompatibility with mods that Edited the Vanilla Cultures.
May have a few problems with the Story Mode.

If you ever have problems or advices,do let me know.

What will be done in the future :
 Add new bandit troop trees.
 Add new mercenary troop trees.
 Add new milita troop trees.
 Add new minion troop trees.

Thanks to BannerPeasants ,the idea of flag holders comes from it.

Sorry for any wrong spelling,English is not my native language.
Anyway,have fun!