Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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About this mod

This mod adds additional quests to Bannerlord.
Each quest is vanilla friendly, blending seamlessly with other quests you can get from notables.
Currently adds four quests, with plans on adding more as I finish them.
Still initial release, expect there to be possible bugs or side effects.

Permissions and credits
  • Ukrainian
  • Turkish
  • Russian
The implemented quests are listed below.
Suggestions welcome!

I've opened up the repo on github, AdditionalQuests!


Use a mod manager to install, or simply unzip into Bannerlord modules folder.
Quests are now re-initialised each time the campaign map is loaded (or a new campaign is started), so they will start populating once their conditions are met.


You must clean the save before uninstalling the mod.
This is done by using the console (ALT + ~) with the console command additional_quests.uninstall
This will remove all Issues (Quests that are currently available) and on-going quests (they will be cancelled) from this mod.
It will also disable the campaign behaviours that generate these quests.
It is important to immediately save and exit and disable/uninstall the mod afterwards, or the game will reload the quests the next time a game is loaded or campaign started.

Implemented Quests

Merchant Quests:
    - {Settlement} Needs Food
        - Town needs food to combat starvation, give food to merchant to complete
          Accepts Grain/Fish/Meat, pays triple the current average price for each
          Mission is completed after 300 food given
          Adds 300 food to town upon quest completion (stops starvation), plus relationship bonus with all notables in town

Village Quests:
    - Bandit Army Raiding {Settlement}
        - Bandit Army is spawned at hideout based on player Clan tier, heading to nearby Village, defeat bandit army
          Bandit army consists of 50% bandits based on hideout culture (eg sea raiders, forest bandits etc), and 50% looters
          If bandits reach village they will begin raiding, stop them from finishing the raid
          Rewards 3000 gold as "bounty" from nobles plus relationship bonus with all notables in village

    - {Settlement} Needs Militia Weapons
        - Simple quest, return 20 one handed polearms to village to complete
          Increases number of militia in village by 20
          Quest only occurs in villages with less then 15 militia

    - Rebellion in {ISSUE_SETTLEMENT}!
        - In a low loyalty town (<50 ), the people are going to rise up!
          Fight a small battle against the garrison alongside the militia of the town, on success, force a rebellion in that town
          Currently a 10vs10 due to alley fight limitation, might up it later if I figure out how to increase the size of the battle

Non-Implemented Quests

Noble Quests:
    - {NobleName} wants training battle
        - Noble wants to train his troops (has to many tier 1-2 troops), offers a sparring battle with player.
          Small battle, ~50 troops per side (change based on difficulty?)
          No fatalities during combat, only Knock-outs
          Bonus party experience and gold reward for player if they win the fight
          upon quest completion, levels up all tier 1-2 troops for player and noble