Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Simply replace the campaign intro's files with dummies, now you get to automatically skip the boring video/movie sequence

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No Campaign Intro

1.6.0 introduced a new movie/video when you start either a campaign or sandbox game. It's ok watching it one time, but anytime you start a new campaign the video plays again... and again... and pressing ESC is tiring! Imagine all the time you wasted pressing ESC while starting a new campaign!

I ran some calculations:
Time it takes to skip video = 3s
Number of campaigns started in a lifetime for the average user = 60000
Total time spent skipping the video = 180000s = 3000 minutes = 50 hours!!!

That's 50 hours of your life you've throw in the gutter because of a dispotic video! IMAGINE what you could do with the time you got back from the claws of taleworlds????

This file fixes this, you NO MORE have to endure talerworlds' tiranny! No more campaign intro video! HUZZAH!

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