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A basic template and a tutorial to make new Hideout.

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This is a basic working template to make a Hideout map. the tutorial is based on the answer that NIN3 gave me when I had difficulties to make my map work properly. In this mods you have a basic template map and a savegame made on the last 1.5.9 to test quickly.

Basically for a bandit hideout scene to work you'll need these 3 things:

1️⃣~8 "common_area" prefabs with enough (~10) animation points inside the radius for bandits spawnWorks similarly to the bandit camps in villages: check the headline "Bandit Camps
  • Make sure to give each area a unique index (AreaIndex) starting from "0"
  • Don't have them to close to each other

2️⃣The spawn point for the attackers: "sp_hideout_group_attacker"

3️⃣The position for the boss fight: "hideout_boss_fight"
  • With the script from that prefab you can preview and adjust the character positions for the cutscene
  • You can adjust how long the walking distance is (during the cutscene)
  • And how far the radius of the standing positions are apart

Tips : 
  • You can also use patrol spawnpoints: sp_guard_patrol_simple, sp_guard_patrol”.
  • You can increase the radius by scaling the "common_area" prefab. (in this tutorial it is represented by the yellow circle on the ground)
  • You can use civilian animation points to make your make more alive like farmer, repairer(...).

For test your hideout maps, you have to go to "settlement.xml" and replace a scene_name rather than simply replace the folder of a scene with your own, it doesn't work well. 

In this template : scene_name="Hideout_Template"