Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Finally getting around and updating my previous mods for post 1.5.8 and combining them together. FOR VERSION 1.5.10

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Overall focus of this mod was to make each faction closer to what their lore states, recruits a bit more survivable, update their militia units, and to maintain balance between each faction. Any bugs found please let me know as soon as possible and I will work quickly to solve them.

Focus more on crossbowmen and cavalry with infantry as a more supportive role.

Sturgia: Focus in the main tree with more heavy infantry and earlier access to heavy cavalry in the elite tree.

Empire: A well rounded tree that does not do anything significantly better than other factions but nothing significantly worse. Legionary though still very strong and earlier access to cavalry through the elite tree. 

Aserai: Improved their armor slightly to help with their lack of survivability they have in vanilla as well making them more close to what their lore and historical counter-part. 

Battania: Given what they are supposed to be focused on which is ranged units. Given both a skirmisher and archer branch as well as making the wood runner an archer. They also have lack of strong cavalry relying more on range and infantry.

Khuzait: Went with them being more focused on their cavalry by merging and reducing their foot units. The infantry now are both melee and range capable making them a bit more adaptable depending on the situation required without having to give up cavalry in your army or garrison. Also was finding in vanilla that by having easy access at tier 2 to horse archers in the main tree made the Khuzaits easily winning battles against other ai and making them difficult to handle as a player with a young army. So instead they are simply light melee cavalry now. 

This mod is a rework of the minor faction trees. Goal is to create more lore friendly depth as well as balanced. There are a few minor factions that do not have new troop trees. In the future there will only be one version of the mod.