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A pack of custom made battle maps that will show up ingame when you engage other parties in battle.
This does not replace any base game ones, those are all still there, it just adds currently 19 maps for the game to choose from when you go into battle.

Permissions and credits
Currently the pack focuses on plains and forest maps, with a single desert type map included, in the future I will try to also make some steppe and desert battle maps. As well as more maps generally, if you have any suggestions let me know.


Either download with vortex, or manually

There are two files, FoozleMapPack, and FoozleMapPackWEditor, the WEditor version includes the SceneEditData necessary for you to open it in the scenes editor, if you are interested in looking at the maps in editor.

If that didn't mean anything to you, or you have no interest in looking at the scenes in editor, you DO NOT need to download the WEditor version, its the same as the regular version, but with a bigger file size. If you are interested in looking at the maps in editor, then you DO NOT need to download the regular version, the WEditor version is the regular version + SceneEditData, you DO NOT need both.

You will need Harmony for this mod to work, otherwise the maps wont appear ingame, make sure to load Harmony above the native modules, then this mod anywhere below the native files.

In theory  this should work for any version of the game, but let me know if it doesn't work for a specific version, just make sure that this mod is the problem first before reporting anything (so try running only the mod + harmony, and verifying the game files and all that beforehand)

Update: as of 1.7.0 TW released their long teased Battle Terrain system, and this mod requires a different method of replacing scenes, make sure you download the proper files, either 1.7.0+ or 1.6.5 and below.

You should be able to add this or remove it from an existing game, however, as always, its still a good idea to back up your save file before messing with your mods mid campaign.


Version 2: now with desert battle maps, I mainly tried focused on dunes and oases, but will make more varied desert based maps in the future


Big thanks to Kysaro for making the fall version of the tree_far entities around the map (oh hey, we both are devs on a mod called The Old Realms, its a Warhammer Fantasy total conversion, check it out, why don't you)

Big thanks as well to Xylord for making the C# part that actually makes the maps show up ingame (oh hey, we both are devs on a mod called Shokuhō, its a mod set in feudal Japan, check it out, why don't you)

Thanks to TheREALHayster for taking some screenshots of the maps for me, those troops are his own custom ones from his (WIP) total conversion mod Kingdoms of Alantia (hey would you believe it, I'm a dev on that mod as well)

If you encounter any problems with the maps, please let me know, and try your best to describe the map that you have the issue on as best you can, thank you.

I will try to add pictures (or more pictures) of the maps to the nexus page, though I don't really have an eye for that sort of thing, so, if you are interested in taking photo's (preferably with Bannerlord's Photo mode) feel free to send to me on Discord (FoozleMcDoozle#5060) and I'll upload them on this page.