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About this mod

Fourberie is a mod adding different actions (with scene fight) in town.
Depending on your relation with gang leaders and other conditions, you will be able to scam people, organize a heist, sabotage the foodstock, arrange a plot and more.
But be sure to act wisely, or you will have to face the consequences...

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Russian
Added features: (updated 21/07/2021)

Recenlty I have less free time so I decided to update and support the mod for game version 1.6.0+ only!

Localization and synergy

xml file for easy translation (you can send me your translation and I will add it to the mod).

Synergy with the mod "Bandit Variety" (big thx to SwordCoast247).
Now you can recruit any tier 3 from a larger variety of bandits type.
Of course you can keep using my mod alone if you prefer.
Note: using a mod that adds new troops will not be save compatible once you remove it

Villainy system
Villainy is a point system allowing you to heal yourself, recruit bandits in hideouts and gamble in town (possiblity to win high level equipment).
Strategy actions are now available only by using villainy points.
You gain villainy points after successfully completing "Fourberie" actions and on weekly tick from gang business.


Relation with local gang leaders matters!

  • Scam
Quick way to earn some money, increase your relation and be beaten up by the guards!
(one attempt every 5 days per town)

  • Forced tribute
Local gang leaders need your help to collect their due. Prepare for this medium difficulty fight and proof your skills.
(one attempt every 15 days per town,  need 8 relation with the strongest local gang leader)

  • Notable extortion
Notables of a nearby village are not regular with their payments. You will have to make them learn about discipline.
Disguised mission (militia equipment) in random village.
(one attempt every 15 days per town, need 12 relation with the strongest local gang leader)

  • Castle robbery
New action in random castle. be prepared for this new challenge!
(one attempt every 15 days per town, need 16 relation with the strongest local gang leader)

  • Grand heist
You need to pay attention to town prosperity and security level. The attack is launched on nightfall and the ennemy party strength will vary based on different parameters (town wall, hero weapon skill, ...).
Being a partner with local gang leader will greatly reduce the cost when hiring mercenaries.
(one attempt every 30 days per town, need 20 relation with the strongest local gang leader)

  • Gang trial
Only the most trusted can challenge the gang leaders!
Once you reach the requested level of relation, you will be able to challenge the most powerful gang leader in town.
The duel will vary in difficulty depending on opponent's traits.
Gang business
If you win the duel, you will have the possiblity to choose one of the following:
Become a partner (+5 villainy pts at selection and +5 weekly) -> You earn moderate but stable weekly money. You keep a good relation and can still do other banditry actions in this town.
Receive a tribute (+10 villainy pts at selection and +5 weekly) -> Earn twice more money than being a partner. But your relation with the gang leader becomes negative and banditry actions are no more possible (except scam). If no companion is left in town for more than 2 weeks, you will loose your weekly tribute definitely!
-> To earn weekly money you have to leave a companion in town. The weekly tick amount is based on town prosperity & companion's rogue skill level (leaving several companions in town will not increase the profit).
(need 40 relation with the strongest local gang leader)


Sabotage (3 types, only available in ennemy towns)
  • Destroy the foodstock
It allows you to destroy the town foodstock (will become zero). Really impactfull if you combine this action with raids on bound villages.
Cost 5 villainy points

  • Sap the wall
Why using a siege ram when you can sap down the wall?
Cost 10 villainy points

  • Poison the water
Will greatly reduce the number of defencers. Town inhabitants will be impacted as well (prosperity reduction).
Cost 15 villainy points

  • Arrange a plot
Action in 2 phases.
First phase will determine your success, heavily impacting the town's loyalty, militia and security.
Second phase is a real fight in town, join a riot and save as many lifes as you can. Will even more increase the chance of rebellion if you win.
Cost 5 villainy points, loyalty must be below 45

  • Scheme a scandal
Infiltrate the keep and look for some compromising evidences. If you succeed, the clan ruling the town will loose all its influence!
Cost 10 villainy points

All the strategy actions will grant you extra influence (converted in money) if you are a mercenary and you target ennemy factions.

Future plan

Keep improving mod difficulty and rewards

About the compatibility

Save compatible, you can disable it without any problem. But I advice you to make a backup save before using my mod, just in case :)
May not work with overhaul mods (because I'm using caravan default troops type to create the encounter party in town should be fixed).