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LootLord makes it so that when a player executes a lord, they get their loot! Simple as that.

Permissions and credits
Currently Compatible On Patch: 1.0.1

What is LootLord?
LootLord is a mod that simply makes Lords drop their loot (gear) when executed. 

Note: I will add that some of the items dropped from lords are insanely overpriced, allowing you to get money pretty easily if you can defeat the lord's party.
However, you can configure both the drop rate and price threshold of items in the mod options on the main menu.

Video Showcase (courtesy of Forever Gaming):

Version Changes: 
- Added support for 1.0.1
- Items are now prefixed with the executed lord's name (can be toggled in settings)
- Known bug: item prices and prefixes don't persist between game saves/sessions, despite threshold setting. Working on a fix!

-Fixed price threshold setting

-Updated for e1.5.8!
-Updated for e1.5.8!

-Mod Configuration Menu now integrated 
-This means you have a GUI with which to change your settings on the main menu. (Mod Options -> LootLord)
-XML config removed
-Changed color of text when receiving loot to make it more visible

-ModLib integration removed
-Config settings removed entirely (I might add these back if I get enough feedback requesting it)
-Nevermind about that^^^ - I added configs back. The settings can be found in the following directory: Bannerlord Installation Path/Modules/LootLord/bin/Win64_Shipping_Client/LootLordConfig.xml

-ModLib now integrated - Settings for the mod can be adjusted in the mod options on the main menu for the game
-Config file removed
-Price threshold value is now representative of the actual threshold rather than a rough estimate

-Added configuration for horse armor drops

-Added configuration for item value threshold

-Reduced item value if the original value is above a certain threshold

-Added configuration for drop chance percentages 
-Removed horse armor drops completely

Config Instructions (OBSOLETE - New config is located on the main menu from Mod Options -> LootLord)
DropChance Instructions: Change value between the "<DropChance></DropChance>" nodes
to whatever percentage you prefer.
When changing DropChance values in LootLordConfig.xml, the value must be a decimal between 0 and 1.0!
Whatever value you choose will be the percent chance of each item on the lord dropping.
(ie. value = 0.25, there is a 25% chance of items dropping; .10 = 10% dropping etc)
PriceThreshold Instructions: As of version 1.2.0, just set the threshold value to whatever threshold you want. If you want item value to be capped at 200, set the value to ~approximately~ 200. No more arbitrary values!
HorseArmorDisabled Instructions: Pretty self explanatory--true if disabled, false if enabled. (this applies to whether you receive a horse from killing the lord as well)

The usage is pretty simple. Fight a lord's army, capture the lord, execute the lord, receive the lord's loot. Whatever loot is received will be printed to your screen in the bottom left corner.

Mod Requirements
LootLord requires the following mods to operate
  1. Mod Configuration Menu
  2. ButterLib
  3. Harmony
  4. UIExtenderEx

Vortex version: Simply install via mod manager

Manual Version:
  1. Download whichever file you want (With price config or without price config)
  2. Open archive
  3. Extract Module folder to M&B2: Bannerlord path
  4. Profit!

If you are experiencing crashes on startup or other problems:

1. Make sure the dll's in the LootLord folder are unblocked. To do this, right click on each dll and click properties, if you have the option to, click unblock at the bottom of the window and click apply. Do this for each dll in the folder. (if you do not have the option then ignore this step) 

2. If the above solution does not work, then download bannerlord fixed launcher mod ( Install it the same as any other mod and enable it in the launcher. Then press the sort mods button in the mod menu in the launcher.

If the above solutions do not work for you, it is a user issue. This is working fine for me with or without other mods. I have downloaded both versions of the file as listed on the mod page and tested both to be working on e1.5.3

The mod should be compatible with 99.9% of mods out at the moment.

Should any bugs be encountered, please post them on the mod page, and I will see to it asap.

Check out my other mods if you're interested:
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Special Thanks
Special thanks to user Tynikuh for helping me A TON with creating my first mod! Check out his mod which fixes various things in Bannerlord!