Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Disables all main quests, including the tutorial, and gives you a kingdom without hassle.

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e1.4.1 Stable
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e1.3.0 Stable
e1.4.0 Stable

If you dislike doing the main quest and jumping through all the hoops required to found a kingdom, this mod is for you.

It will remove everything from the main quest line and instead only give you these two quests:

-Rebuild your clan quest (level 1 clan, 20 troops, 2000 denars, 1 Companion)
-Create a Kingdom quest (level 3 clan, 2 Parties, 150 troops, Independence)

Everything else is gone.

Only works on a new save game. If you want to load a save game from a story mode playthrough, disable this mod first!


-Fast Dialogue seems to be compatible since version 1.5 again. Use Skip Bandit Dialog as alternative if there remain problems.


-Crash on game launch:
-> Try the fixed launcher and sort your mods with the sort button:
-> Unblock the files
-Reporting issues:
-> Provide your game version, your mod version, a description of what you did that lead up to the issue and if possible how to reproduce it.
-> Providing a stack trace of an error speeds up my work fixing them so it's in all our interests that you try to do that

Update Guide:

If you have not been able to create a kingdom before because of a bug, install the developer console and enter the code "freeplay.create_player_kingdom" without quotes to create your own kingdom instantly.
If you didn't get the create a kingdom quest after finishing the rebuild your clan quest previously, you will need to use the developer console to add the quest manually (freeplay.start_player_kingdom_quest). If you haven't finished the rebuild your clan quest yet, it will be no problem.