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Tired of fighting in villages/forests/bridges/canyons? Want to always fight during days/nights? This has got you covered!

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Configurable Battle Scenes

Tired of fighting in aserai villages which have crap pathing and are small for your 200 cav army? Or in imperial vineyards? Or in forests where you can barely see anything? Do you detest the bridge maps? Aren't the canyons too small to really accomodate a 1000 soldiers battle? This mod is the solution to your problems.


  • Ability to filter out unwanted Battle scenes types (forest/bridge/canyon/villages) and treat village encounters as normal battles. Configurable.
  • Ability to filter out scenes by ID by using a config file (excluded.txt)
  • Ability to force the battle to occour at an user chosen Hour

Unfortunately the battle scenes aren't defined correctly in the game files, so you could still get forest-filled maps even though the XML says it has no forest. There are two solutions to this problem:
1) Manually modifiy the sandbox XML files to include information about forest density.
2) Manually flag the battle scenes (this is the approach this mod uses)

The 'flagging' is done through a config file (excludes.txt). There's an option in the menu that allows the user to choose whether to use or not this exclusions list. I seeded it with what I consider 'foresty' maps, but you are freed to edit this config file to add/remove any kind of battle scene you don't want to use.

This uses MCMv4 for mod configuration, but it should work without.

Just a small note for compatibility:
I had to patch the EncounterAttackConsequence method to make ruling out villages possible. The SP battle scenes are taken from a more inner method.

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