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The Royal Armoury Mod adds Royal Armouries to each Town's Keep, offering a selection of culture specific expensive and/or rare items for purchase.

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  • Turkish
Fixed version of to make it work in 1.5.9

Description shamelessly copied from the original:

The aim of this mod is to enable access to different high value (or extremely rare) items in a gameplay friendly and  immersive manner (i.e.
without using cheats). You will need to buy these items after you
manage to gain entrance.

The list of items available in the Royal Armories is based on the value of the item  and/or rarity, filtered by
Town culture (ie. Aserai Towns will have only Aserai items available).
The list includes all culture specific items that fit into these
categories, including those added by mods. 

The immersion part is achieved by requiring either money or influence to access the
selection, depending on the player's relationship with the owner's clan
and their status with the ruling Kingdom - be it a mercenary (reduced
money requirements to make being a mercenary more attractive) or vassal
(needs influence). Ultimately player gains free entrance and unlimited
selection if he/she owns the town.

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